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This write-up focuses on the ways some young guys display their frustration when their effort and attempt to get girlfriends proved fruitless.

The frustration of being rejected has now made them condition their minds to other things, that’s why many of them for relationship see relationship as a waste of time ?

The fact that you could admit to see a part of yourself doing one of these things even till now does not give you the audacity to throw punches at me because I know that some of us might still be guilty of these acts while some might have outgrown these acts.

This write-up is not something you take so serious and I don’t like wasting people’s time, so let’s get to business 8)

10 Ways Guys Console Themselves When They Are Tired Of Searching For Girlfriends

1. They Become So Stingy

My research and findings have shown that guys show their frustration by becoming overly stingy even more than Bode George that refused to drop a kobo from the billions of naira he embezzled. They often say they would rather throw they money in the toilet than spend it on ladies ?

2. They Tell Their Friends That Going Into Relationships Is The Last Thing On Their Minds

When guys have tried to woo various species of ladies and all attempt to find true love proved unsuccessful, this can be so frustrating. When such guys are in the midst of friends and are asked if they have girlfriends, they will reply saying that they chose to remain single and are not just ready to go into relationship, when in fact, reverse is the case. ?

3. They Say Relationship Is Bullshit

Guys who often utter this statement definitely have a heart touching story (of how they were dumped) to tell. When ladies mess them up, they will always console themselves by dissuading other people from going into relationships, and will give reasons to back it up. Hehehe ?

4. They Have The Ideology To become Rich before Considering Relationship

Before you crucify me, relax and hear what I’ve got to say :D. All I’m trying to say is that, many of those who lack self confidence, have low self esteem and don’t have what it takes to prove their worth see money as the only escape route to finding that right girl. Even the lazy ones often say this to console themselves

5. They Tag All Ladies Gold Diggers[b]

Personally, I believe that there are still ladies out there who still going into relationships not for their selfish interest. Guys who have once fell into the magazone will always tag all ladies gold diggers ?

[b]6. They Mouth-Thrash The Lady That Refused To Date Them

The way some ladies turn down guys can even make them commit suicide.
Since these guys cannot commit murder, they resort to console themselves by mouth-thrashing the lady especially when they are in the midst of our friends and lady in question passes by. You will hear something like, Imagine, make dis girl dey use me do shakara. The girl no even fine at all. As in, I really downgrade yourself. They refer to the girl as being rude and and proud. This is a statement used to console themselves

7. They Do Thigns That Will Make Her Jealous

Once they notice the lady that turned them down bumps into them with a pretty lady whom they have no romantic relationship with. They will start acting like they are actually dating the girl. They will hold her hands unnecessarily, touch her romantically and may even hug her. This is to make her jealous

8. They Update Status On BBM And whatsapp Praising & Hyping Themselves

When the lady that turned them down is in their BBM or whatsapp list, they console themselves by uploading pictures of beautiful ladies they barely know or they will update status hying themselves. You will see something like, she who loses me has lost diamonds ?

9. They Flare Up When People Say The Good Sides Of Ladies

They will always have a contrary opinion when other people say good things about ladies.

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