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Diala Sep 17, 2017 ( Post 1 )

Will make this very brief, 3 months ago i joined my friend at his place of work, with his help i was able to be employed there.

It all started with the manager complaining about my friend’s work style and always comparing him with me, despite the fact they don’t know we are close pals and we live together, this really get me worried he is not so good on computers yet they kept comparing him to me, always saying he’s not fast enough, and later after some weeks the boss concluded he’s withdrawing the appointment of some workers due to shortage in patronage, to my disbelieve my friend name was among the 14 workers discharged, and ever since then he not been talking to me in the house, he kept mute even when I try talking to him, now I’ve decided to quit the work at month end, for the sake of peace between us.

Though I have no other means yet but you know that feelings when someone you always talk to just begin to act strange and wouldn’t release his anger by speaking just looking since his fired.

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