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Guruboi May 07 ( Post 1 )

“ What have I done to you people ? They have been beating me; no good food ; I have been locked up in one place since August 30 last year ; why are they taking my case personally ? Let me face my trial alive , why do you people want to kill me,” he said , sobbing .

Prison authorities responded:

“ A doctor has been checking him ; the doctor came to check him yesterday (Sunday ) and even this morning, before coming to court ; because he was saying he can ’t be in court , that he is not feeling fine .

“ But when the doctor checked him yesterday (Sunday ) and this morning, the doctor said he was healthy and that he saw no reason why he shouldn ’t be in court ,” the prison official said .

"But Evans said he was only seen by a nurse and not a doctor.

The court stood down Evans' prayers and he was returned to his cell."

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