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It’s been just over five months since actor and singer Dumi Masilela passed away in a tragic hijacking gone wrong.

His widow actress Simz Ngema recently did her first interview since Dumi’s death with True Love Magazine opening up about the pact that she had made with her husband.

Simz says they had agreed that when they were old‚ Dumi would die first and give Simz just two days to prepare his funeral. He would then come “fetch” her.

When Dumi tragically died, Simz says she did as they had agreed but he never came.

“I took a bath‚ got dressed and went into the restroom. I sat there for a good hour waiting for him to fetch me. People kept knocking at the door but I sat there crying. In my mind‚ getting up meant I was accepting Dumi’s death and betraying him‚ and so I stayed sitting‚ asking for Dumi to come fetch me‚ but he didn’t come,” she recalled.

Ngema said two months after Masilela’s death‚ Dumi came to her in a dream and led her to a garden where he said he would stay with her forever.

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