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Guruboi Feb 15 ( Post 1 )

After 8 months off one of the biggest social media platforms in world, Kanye West returns to Instagram on February 14th 2018 in style as he posted 54 photos at once.

Kanye kicked things off on Instagram with a photo of Valentine’s day card, which simply read;

“Happy Valentine’s Day Babe.”

Afterwards he continued to spam his page with series of photos many of which are pictures of high profile separated couples. From Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, who went through a highly publicized divorce the world will never forget, to Kate Moss and Pete Doherty, who physically and verbally abused one another during their relationship among others. The image Kanye is trying to create in the minds of people is not yet clear.

Meanwhile, on a lighter mood, Kanye West an adorable black and white photo of our former president, Barack Obama, and his lovely first lady, Michelle.

Could this be a strategy towards the coming of a new song? If yes, it won’t be a bad idea if his social media come back turns musical or what do you think?

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