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It’s another saturday and you have 3 weddings you have to attend and in one of them you;re the chiefs bridesmaids. Almost all your friends who happen to be in the same brackets with you are married and you’ve been single for way too long. Your excuse is that men are the one who have the problem. Maybe, just maybe you might be the one who has the problem.

1. THE MEN THEY LIKE ARE SIMPLE: You are attracted to complicated men and the ones you have to figure out. Men who don’t have a plan and are always giving you mixed signals. They like simple men who are straight forward and lets them know where they stand with them. There is no drama because these men have a plan and let them know what the plan is.

2. THEY LOATHE DRAMA: You get caught up in the drama of not knowing if a guy likes you. Your friends simply move on and get another guy. You think you’re going to change him but they know better. Drama is a great past time if you’re not going anywhere. It’s like going to the movies ,there are a lot of feelings and a roller coaster of emotions, that is, until the lights come on.

3. THEY KNOW HOW TO BE GOOD TEAM MEMBERS: You are trying to get what you want from men who don’t want to give it to you and they know how to negotiate. They asked for what they want and say no to what they don’t want while respecting what a man thinks and caring about how they themselves feel. They insist on a man who makes and keeps his agreements. You overlook broken promises and hope things will get better.

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