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Sunnex Jan 31 ( Post 1 )

IGBOist Group is a sort of tribal group on Facebook with over one million users and it was said to have been founded by one Maria Ude Nwachi ‘Afikpo Chic’, the group was one of the most active groups i have ever seen, it gets over thousands of comments in a short while, its so active that it had several moderators and admins who makes posts almost every hour to keep the group very fun-full.

The whole scam issue began when they introduced a monthly donation stuff with over 3 categories (C1 to C3) where 50,000 users are to donate N1,000 (One thousand naira), N3,000 (Three thousand naira) and N5,000 (Five thousand naira) respectively on each categories.

So among these categories, several numbers of people which would be picked at random will win from N60,000 to about N2,000,000 (two million naira). The whole breakdown would be shared below.

However, it turned out that, Igboist team, hired testimonials to fuel people into the donation system, and to their very surprise many lost thousands to millions of naira in a very short span. Even when the donation system looks really shady (from our simple calculations), i wonder why Nigerians fell for it.

Why the Igboist IMC Donation is Scam?

For Category C1--->

50,000 people to pay 1000 each = N50,000,000

from the donors, the following winners would be picked.

20 winners get 1million = N20,000,000
20winners get 200k = N4,000,000
170winners get 100k = N17,000,000
25winners get 60k = N1,500,000

Total winning = N42,500,000

Balance =7,500,000 ( N50,000,000 - N42,500,000)
Meaning Igboist team would have been able to squander N7.5Million from category 1)

For Category C2--->

50,000 pay 3000 = 150,000,000

40winners get 1.5million=60,000,000
90winners get 500k=45,000,000
80winners get 250k=20,000,000
25winners get 100k=2,500,000

Total winning =127,500,000
Balance = N22,500,000

For Category C3--->

50,000 pay 5000 = 250,000,000

50winners get 2million=100,000,000
60winners get 1million=60,000,000
100winners get 250k=25,000,000
150winners get 140k=21,000,000

Total winning =206,000,000
Balance =44,000,000

Now Lets add up the whole balance from the 3 categories:

Balance of C1+C2+C3 = N74,000,000

If everything went as agreed, Igboist team would have been able to scam N74Million monthly from it members, but it didn't happen that way, even donors were deprived any winnings at all, except for newly added members who were paid testimonials were posting edited screenshots and all that.

It was later gather by one Agu Stepo that some of those users dropping testimonies and goodwill of how the investment plans have changed their lives are actually paid testimonials and member who joined barely few hours, perhaps from with the Scam Igboist team.

Further Proofs of how Igboist scam turns out to be true..

A friend and member of the Igboist group, decided to reach the Afipko chick (Pioneer of the group) telling her how the scam really paid off, and the woman confirmed the whole setup was made for here to fund her political ambitions hahahaha.

it is very clear now that the politician Maria Ude Nwachi ‘Afikpo Chic’[/b] is a scammer. We you affected by the Afipko Chic scams/Igboist Group scam? Share this post on Facebook and do let your friends know the full story.

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