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Lyrics of what u in 4 by A-Reece
Hold on
Stay strong
Man[Hook x2] Are you in it for the bitches
Are you in it for the riches
Are you in it for the long run
And be the greatest man who ever did it
[Reprise] What U in it 4
(What U in it 4) (x3)
Are you in it for the riches
Are you in it for the bitches
[Verse 1] I got a list of mammies I’m out to get once I’m outta this
Tryna take em all for this mile and shiit
I wana fu-Ck em all,If they taking, I’ll take em out of it
I’m just a young nigga infatuated by women, its hard to get their attention
When you broke, ain’t got a whip, ain’t got a crib, or let alone an iPhone 6
Trust me I know this


These bitches buy the album
The niggas burn it
So I prefer the former outcome
And I’ll deserve it
I rap to impress
You can stay with you underground connect
Cause I don’t wanna starve nigga
These girls want a superstar nigga
Reinvent yourself or get a job nigga
Move along nigga
You decide what you in it for
You decide who you do it for
Is it either or
I just wana know
(I just wana know, I just know)

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