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Lyrics of couldn’t ft. emtee by A-Reece Lyrics
Pre-Chorus: Emtee]|/b| I’ve been praying everyday
Lord please make a way
Man I been through the pain
Now the people know my name[Hook: Emtee] (x2)

I did it when they said I couldn’t
Got it when they said I wouldn’t
Why would they say that I shouldn’t?
You get the work that I put in
[Verse 1: A-Reece] Some of y’all rapping like y’all still got something to prove
I got over that so you know
I don’t like rappers who say they got next
When they’ve been in the game for 10 years or so

Impressed by the fact that you fake niggas famous
You keep finding ways with them favours
Frankly, I’m far from complaining
The faster you make it, the quicker you fall
Nigga face it, I’m finally buzzing
I was 15 rapping like I was 20 or something
By 2014 I had all of your favourites frustrated
Confused and afraid of the youngin
So allow me to formally reintroduce myself
Man I done changed, A-Reece the name
I’m getting bigger and better than how you thought I would remain

A whole other lane, with the same ass pace
I’m patient, no mistakes are made
I pray my haters age up to a 100
Just so they can witness me fu-Ck up the game
Rearrange it again, again and again

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