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Lyrics of god bless the summer (ft. vado) by Dave East Lyrics
[Verse 1 – Dave East]
If you owe that man, then pay that man
Look around, I stood my ground, n----s can’t say I ran
I was taught, somebody take something, you break his hand
And I was taught, you wanna make something? You take a chance
The way I see it, these n----s gon’ kill theyself
How the f--k you keeping it real? You ain’t real with yourself
Many night on the “Ocho”, ducking sU-Ckas and popo’
This Gucci without the logo
I don’t wear no Polo, I’m boujee now
I bring some women to bring some goonies out
They used to ask for credit, I dead it, like a root canal
I get back to that later, I’m in the booth for now
Pistol in your mouth gon’ do more than chip tooth your smile
N----s I played basketball with, is shooters now
I did the highway with work, I know how a state troopers sound
It feel like they plotting to kill me
I’m out the way, they booked Meek for popping a wheelie
Treat us like animals, but we get fly like the Air Force

I been on that Ace of Spades, these n----s on Smirnoff
Aim it at his head, and try to knock that n---a beard off
Skrrt, pull the Benz off, pay attention when men talk
Notice I said men
Dope like the Exorcist
I watched a fiend head spin, been hard to go to bed since
Blood splatter all in your car, leave you with red tint
Came up with a plan for this paper, been getting bread since
Tyra said I should model, been getting head since
They made a sweep, and my n----s been in the fed since
They came around asking questions, we never said s--t
Gang squad started following, soon as I said Crip
I know they on my Instagram
Clap the heat, happy feet, you know them n----s ran
I don’t call n----s family, unless they really fam’
If a thousand don’t get ’em, I guarantee a milli’ can

[Verse 2 – Vado]
Try to manage your vibe energy
A fake friend could do more damage than five enemies
When it’s chicken, it’s beef, like Fried Kennedy
Bring your instrument, we could have us a live symphony
In a tight alley, we be like (?)
Gunplay scenes, I sq££ze like Mike Lowrey
All you see is sticks and signs, a light rally
Red track suit, new Swiss beat, white Bally’s
Real s--t, your own men will hate
I don’t wanna hear you get dough, ‘if you don’t demonstrate
I’m trying open the door, look like inner-space
5-6-0 with the chrome dinner plates
Get it straight, where I’m from, you had to get it
Be a man of your word, you couldn’t gaffle with it
I hit the scaffold with it, that brown bag, I hit it
Had ’em waiting in line like Yeezy, Raf tickets

[Bridge – Dave East]
I don’t call n----s family, ‘less they really fam’
I don’t call n----s family, ‘less they really fam’
I don’t call n----s family, ‘less they really fam’
I don’t call n----s family, ‘less they really fam’

[Verse 3 – Vado]
This that Slime Flu, n---a
Got ’em all sick, like, ahh chuu, n---a
Coughing up blood, no Piru’
My crew something like Wu’ in ‘9-2, n---a
For the most case, I’m Ghostface
No trace on black sand, the boat place
I don’t care, I don’t chase
My circle got squares, you in no shape
It’s been quiet, fiends be getting right
Like in L.A., for that yay’, I’m L-n Bias
Let’s cop coke, and celebrate
Let East know, we set a date

[Verse 4 – Dave East]
When it come to that hammer, that s--t ain’t never far
If it ain’t Gucci, it’s LSR, I’m very scarred
Traumatized, I seen shots and I been shot
I hired a driver, I paid him to make the Benz stop
Beef feel like war in ’92, I’m Mase in ‘9-8
I’m talking that b------t, this might increase the crime rate
I’m posted like L on 39th
30 Crip, 30 grams, I hustled for 30 nights
That’s a whole month
Shoot ’em before he roll a whole blunt
Need the cash, we E-Z Pass, ain’t paid the toll once
Kick you in your mouth for them gold fronts
Harlem’s hero, no cold-cut
Belaire, we toast up

[Outro – Dave East]
I don’t call n----s family, ‘less they really fam’
I don’t call n----s family, ‘less they really fam’

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