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Lyrics of who run it (freestyle) by 21 Savage Lyrics
Straight up

.223 Diamondback with the drum, n---a “straight up”
Choppa like to crush a lot, Big Pun n---a “straight up”
I’ve been taking money ever since I was young, n---a “straight up”
Sneak dissing, n----s cutting out your tongue, n---a “straight up”
Real street n---a, I ain’t doing no capping n---a, I ain’t told no lies “21”
I don’t give a f--k if I got a hunnid’ million, I’m keeping my .45 “on God”
Walking up on ya n---a, point blank range, we ain’t doing no drive-by’s “yeah”
I still right here wit’ hollows n---a and I got my Glock out “facts”
She keep tryna watch Netflix, b---h I’m pulling my c--k out “straight up”

Hit her with the d--k and I left that b---h cockeyed “straight up, straight up”
All these VVS’s I made your b---h cockeyed “21, 21”
Talking out your neck, you get your T-shirt tie-dyed “on God”
I’m on Percocet’s, I think I’m finna skydive “yeah”
You little p-ssycat, you must think you got nine lives “21”
I’m so sick of all this fruity s--t, you n----s on thin ice
That stick gon’ cut you half-time, now these n----s wanna switch sides “straight up”
I ain’t really with that taking s--t, little n---a I’m walking up “straight up”
That .30 like a tree lil’ n---a, watch where you barking up “straight up”
We got way too many shots, y’all lil’ n----s can’t dodge enough “on God”

We can even challenge ya, cause y’all lil’ n----s ain’t charged enough “fast”
Quarter million dollar for a walkthrough “straight up”
Get the utmost respect when I walk through “straight up”
I love the way you sU-Ck that d--k, lil’ b---h don’t forget who taught you “straight up”
Way too much, can’t stalk you “straight up”
Bogeyman, n---a, I’ll haunt you “on God”
All these bullets ’round me, n---a, I ain’t got time to punch you “21”
Hit ’em wit’ the 3-2, all y’all n----s see through “yeah”
Broad day, I’ll see food, had to hit a lick at Kiku “yeah-yeah”

Lil’ b---h I don’t need you “yeah-yeah”
Hell Nah, I can’t eat you “yeah-yeah”
Let the whole gang G you, then I left that b---h at Jeju “yeah-yeah”
You must be scared or some, n---a let’s bet the spread or some “21”
That’s your main b---h, but I bet that lil’ b---h spread for some “God”
I got all these blues like I ain’t banging red or something “re”
I bought all these cars like l ain’t got no legs or something “yeah”
F--k that other side, pull up in ya hood switch it “21”

Stash money, murder, two guns, n---a, big B’s “21”
Every time I hit that b---h she come back like a frisbee “yeah”
I ain’t got time to play with nobody kids, go watch Disney “yeah”
Skin made of concrete, n---a, you can never be me “21”
My brother down the road with a touchscreen and a FeFe “BF”
Candlelight gang, leave a n---a on the TV
Fish fry gang, y’all can’t even afford to die
B---h, I’m wait too real like I ain’t even afford to lie

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