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Lyrics of everybody eat feat. cousin stizz by Michael Christmas Lyrics
[Intro: Michael Christmas]
From the tiggy, from the tiggy
Oh, hold on
What's up, dude, what's this?

[Verse 1: Michael Christmas]
All I know is "Be cool," but I make it look awkward
You look like a rapper that's tryin' real hard and
I whip like the Based God and not like James Harden
I piss on the toilet seat in your apartment
I'm so disrespectful, it comes with the job and
My niggas is mobbin', if your bitch DM me while my d!ck is throbbin'
I promise you sobbin', I'm stoppin', 'cause that never happens to moi
Like Earthgang say, "Y'all like blah, blah, blah, blah"
While I laughed at the Sprint store like ha-ha-ha-ha
Choosy McBitches did not want my john
'Till I said you can't see me and F-U to y'all
Ya, trick, ya get the fu-Ck out my face
I do not pop no Ace, Carlo Rossi, that's bae
You not havin' heart problems, that's just the bass
I'm tryna get paid like Mitch, Rico, and Ace

[Pre-Chorus: Sample]
Make that [?] can't make it again
My money, man, get my my money man

[Chorus: Michael Christmas]
Everybody gon' eat (yuh)
Everybody gon' eat (everybody eats!)
Everybody gon' eat (everybody eats, b)
Everybody gon' eat

[Verse 2: Cousin Stizz]
Everybody gon' eat, should we have to?
Take my next play and I treat her like the last move
We call for it then we at you (yeah)
I ain't do nothin' I ain't have to
We'd all make it if we all could
Shit it ain't all good, but it's all good
Surfer got bag, tryna ball like the hardwoods
Stood on ten toes like we all should
Tryna tell you it can't be the same (same)
Man, I just want a little change
Got me a name, ain't asked for it but nothin' ever promised today
We broke, we paid, I break it down in the same way (real life)
Only thing that I could be
The man in the mirror, now they lookin' up to me
And how'd that happen? Every dream that ever came to be
It happened without ya, make sure everybody eats

[Pre-Chorus: Sample]
Give me my money, give me my money
No reals, no rice, no champagne
You don't eat nothin' without me havin' my money, man

[Chorus: Michael Christmas]
Everybody gon' eat (yuh)
Everybody gon' eat (everybody eats!)
Everybody gon' eat (everybody eats, b)
Everybody gon' eat
Everybody gon'

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