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Lyrics of slop trays by RetcH Lyrics
Stand in front the store with the pole on me
Crumpled bills in the hoodie pocket, had the O on me (what you need?)
Looking out for squalor case they roll on me
Can't play the lobby, 'cause the super he done told on me (fu-Ck 'em)
My coke bumpin', my nose runny (ew)
Fiends runnin' that's more money, dope make 'em walk funny
Supply the block 'cause my dog hungry
Got a phone, 'bout 500 contacts, and they all junkies
Uncle still beggin' for a wake up
Last county trip, I seen a nigga get his face cut (real life)
Box time where I really got my faith up (word)
Slop trays, niggas tradin' ramens for a shape up (shit is nasty)
Spent my time, on a bark, I'ma weight up (gotta wait up)
Now I'm jumpin' out the arch, put the 8 up (do the dash)
Tables turned like a disk jockey, I was tryna pitch properly
Put that money up and cop a big body (big body)
Never serve it by the rest, this shit, you know the rest
A TEC rippin' through your vest, leave an open chest (flatline)
I hit that p**sy once in traffic, but she give me neck (see me up)
Block bending, crack sales inside a stolen Lex
I roll the dice, I got my baby mother holding bets
Money down, threw trips, them I'm gon' collect (gimme that)
Shout out to all my niggas bidding make them calls collect (my niggas)
Sittin' in the county, still ain't get an offer yet (stuck up)
Used to skip school, now I just state hop' (trips)
Been a lot of speculation since the tape dropped'
Shit, I just wanna keep it brief with niggas
It ain't no beef with niggas, just don't speak with niggas (that's how it go)
This shit right here, I drew it in my sleep, my nigga (sleep)
But as of late, I been feelin' different beats, my nigga (word)
You ain't with me, beat your feet, nigga (beat your fu-Ckin' feet)
Gon' get it 'cause I got it off the street, my nigga
Like fu-Ck you talkin' about

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