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Lyrics of high end by RetcH Lyrics
Givenchy shit from Paris, man, you know what I'm saying?
Christian Loubiton, Dolce and Gabana, Fendi and Margiela
Shit like that, uh, Ferragamo

Yo, $3000 on the outfit, I'm just rocking black
The opposition dump pistols and we shot 'em back
Had junkies nod in front my crib, they was high on smack
K caught a body off his dope, they gave him 5 for that
But he straight though, I talked to him just the other day though
Caught me, I was pouring Tech inside the Faygo
Hidden Hills on my lay low, with a thot resembling J Lo
School up to this shit, mold niggas' bitches just like Play-Doh, uh
Shit, I had bitches way from Russia down to Daygo with it
The head was cool, but what you bringing to the table, bitch
Most times you find these hoes ain't got none to offer
Steady texting, steady calling, I just press, ignore 'em
Connect just flew in way from Bora Bora
Talking imports, make a mule out somebody daughter
Never punch the clock but I was taking orders
Not getting bossed neither, got it in, this raw cheaper
40 bitches at the mansion and they all divas
Got some bands, going brazy, and they all Visas
Put my d!ck inside the throat of a tall skeezer
Broke talking down on broke niggas, you don't ball neither
No some young niggas scamming, tryna burn banks
[?] was my nigga 'til he turned state
Still can't believe they sent the peoples from me
Had me shacking down, no parties on the weekend for me
I swear the Draco, it be speaking to me
Like, "Take me to their spot and send 'em to the reaper with me"
Gotta tell him, "Drake, chill" like Aubrey tweeting
And shit, I'm back selling Ps 'cause it's harvest season
Designer down, running plates, call up all the boosters
And my niggas moving water like Moses do
Not talking Fiji, nigga, we talking leaky, nigga
Did my time in population, you was PC, nigga
Sneakers Gucci but my t-shirt come from DG, nigga
It's like your vision, I don't see these niggas, nah
Put my new shit on repeat, nigga
He can't stop me, you can't reach me, nigga, uh
Like, haha, Fastmoney, bitch

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