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Lyrics of party over by RetcH
Yo, I don't be around niggas 'cause they tricky
In the 'jects, dirtbike and pop a wheelie, throwin' up my set
Roam with killers send 'em at your neck
Dome shots are goin', wear your fu-Ckin' vest
Where he spotted, where he gettin' left
Bendin' corners, we just hit the left
The rest of life, I live without regrets
Know with cause is gon' come effects
These niggas bitches like a pair of breasts
I kill or die about my respect
Intentions foul, how we play with TECs
We got now, don't give a fu-Ck who next, huh, nigga
Somebody tell Alchemist let's do a fu-Ckin' tape
This for niggas wildin' out in front of section 8
Do it for niggas or the plug, but they ain't pickin' up
Them niggas that are gon' bust their gun'll get the bigger bucks
I stopped hangin' 'round with sU-Ckas 2014
That snack that I was gettin' from the Bronx [?] morphine's
I fu-Ck around get the stamp tatted
Think of brand new i8, I'ma matte black it
Uh, I'm back at it, 19, I made a rap classic
Shoutout Beetle, that's my brother, nigga, no cappage
I talked to Triz the other day, he on the way out
It come August, yeah, them crackers lettin' K out
I can't wait til' the gang back
Swear these p**sy niggas gon' have to change where they bang at
Word to mami
This R8 [?] tryna work it properly
I hit her raw 'cause she was foreign, it was worth the body
You called my phone for enough, I still might serve you probably
I don't bring- out the crib 'cause he might hurt somebody
When I was locked up, vowed the day that I come out
That I was gonna run this shit, duck til' it run out
We trap from nightfall 'til the sun out
Party ended 'cause somebody pulled the gun out

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