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Lyrics of the source by Quentin Miller Lyrics
Yeah... lit in the city like downtown
Been kickin' shit like a roundhouse
Hit when you see me in the restaurant
Double on my cup from the waitress
[?] before she brings the calamari out
You could read my bio ten times, and you still wouldn't know what I'm all about
Don't make me call you out
I heard the word around, town... You niggas talking down
Parked in the blue.. when I leave the house
No I'm not a Crip but I sorta is..
They want more of me and they should want more of this
Name on the Lex with wood grain and I get the Ray's from my baby face
Back seat tinted of rap lyrics (yeah)
I tapped into the feeling of being that nigga
Could you.. Please take them back handed compliments back witcha..
We don't need those...
Never been a G but I stuck to the G-code!
Live from the motherfu-Cker G-co?
Got me in the south screaming north!
I've been getting to it since I hopped of the porch
Since they was reading the source, knew I was a source..
(Yeah..) old shrimp fried rice ass nigga I brought in all the soy..
I made way more when I became unemployed
It ain't really too much you could say about the boy..
Nigga I got all my bills paid, what you doin'? I mean what you focused on?
Ex- girlfriends not in love with me no more, add another to the story
Skrrt... When I tweak the Lex bubble like a Porsche, man if stunting was a sport I'd be number one on
Bit the wrong one if you sleeping on the boy
Turn your temperpedict to a coffin..
(Huhu) and then you slept yourself to death...
It's a line I originated, no comment (haha)

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