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Adventure Of A Cultist - Season 1 - Episode 19
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Greg: ah sccot e never reach like that na, look na God na save me oh, that moment heat come they do me, come join the weed them come they smoke, i nor com fit stay, na i come out, i come go backyard make i for recieve fresh air? Na there i for come hear gunshot, na so i take run ooh

ME: i talk am that helen of a girl no pure, u see were woman go take you go, make e nor come b say na woman go kill you

Greg: na you woman go kill

ME: you know say i too go like you ooh, no kpelekpele go dere touch you as long as i am alife

Greg: shabi i b gay wey u they like

ME: forget that side jaree, wati u cook

Greg: rice they pot

ME: oooh na so rice u dey cook, another food nor they dis earth

Greg: why you nor come cook soup for me

ME: shame on you, u nor sabi cook

Greg: see who they talk, you wey use grand nut oil cook black soup

ME: e sweet na

Greg: tar, i wan vomit die
After spending some time with my guy, i receive a phone call that,?the black cat call for a peace treaty, and i am required at the base for formation.

I got to the base, seeing capon smiley at me
Arkman be like say dem don tire, make we let them rest cappon said
Cappon you rugged i greeted. As e b so, make we let them rest but them go give us that kpelekpele make we take settle the matter i said
Make we look as e go b na he said
Na emaudo campus forest na the meeting wan hold cappon said
Baba how the formation wan be, u dey expect war i ask
No how, no how something fit sup, make we prepare go incase matter get as e be he said
Chai no chance for them, they would have gone through more hell if they have not called for this peace treaty i thought
five of us went there including Don Nero At around 6:00pm since it was a peace meeting, we saw a rang rover at the road, i saw the black cat cappon with two other guys standing at the road, we came down from our Red hillux, two guys stayed back at the car

DON NERO: capilo, capilo how your matter b

CAPILO: nero i nor come here come joke

DON NERO:same here i did not come to joke either

CAPILO: i want to call off the war

DON NERO: capilo you still they own debt


DON NERO: that kpelekpele guy i need am, na that wan u go take appeas me and my arkman
He look at me with is bloodshot eyes, then turn to Don Nero

CAPILO: that wan nor fit happen na, u fall six of my guys that wan don settle matter

DON NERO: capilo, capilo, due to old time sake, make i leave that wan for you, but if anything happen to any of my guys the whole of your HOOD are going down

CAPILO: deal

DON NERO: deal ( rugged handshake)
Finally the war is over, we can now walk around witbout having to constantly check our back, now we can walk alone free, no fear of the rival,

We drove back to our base, to celebrate the victory, we drank to scupor

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