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Adventure Of A Cultist - Season 1 - Episode 25
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Why can’t they just leave us alone for once (crying) vivian said
Don’t worry babe everything will be ok, i knew deep down within me, that this battle is far from over,
Tell me how did you get yourself invove with your exboyfriend called shege

Shege is an inposter i never knew he was a cultist, when he approach me he was looking so innocent and i fell for him, i later found out that he was a cultist, when i confronted him he beat me up, since then he have been molesting me, forcing me to go clubing with him, and also trenting to kill anybody that try to take me away from him (crying)
I had to console her,

Babe you know here is not safe for you, you have to come with me to my apartment, at lest for a while i said

Ok, let me pack some of the things i will be needing there, she said

That was how we drove to my apartment, i could not sleep, i could not stop thinking about the urgent meeting with the unknown caller, i can tell the voice look familier,Tomorow is definitely going to be a long day, am going to prepare for it.

The next morning i called casto on phone to know the situation on ground

ME: casto

CASTO: baba you rugged, nothing do you

ME: afar about the hunt

CASTO:baba the guy dey try play smart

ME: nor let that guy escape una

CASTO:baba we don get he exalt location, we go soon nail am, dem nor born am well

ME: i trust you, anyway sha, how the matter play let me know

CASTO: no wahala
(Phone call ends)

Greg you back stab me, you are so gone i said aloud, not knowing vivian was awake
What did you just say, andx which of the Greg she ask

Babe you are awake, trying to divert the question

Just answer my question she said
Greg as been the brain box behind my attack i said
I don’t understand is he a cultist, she ask
Yes, he is the hitman of black cat i said
What!!! I can’t believe this, i heard you make a phone call about nailing someone and who is that she ask
Babe relaxe, it is non of your business, i can handle this i said

Please just tell me, who are you going to nail she ask again

Greg ofcourse, who else, i said
What are you going to do to him she ask
Just then cosmos walk in,
Baba you rugged he greeted
Afar na i said

I gallant boss,any location today he said
Yes i will be seeing somebody around 10:00 today,

I check my time it was 9:25 already, as e be so make you dey watch my babe, i wan go alone, i left

I went to the location, it was not hard locating it, i check my time it was 9:55, am right on time i thought, i went to the back of the club house, i was surprise seeing helen, Greg girlfriend, i quickly check around to see if i have not been surrounded

ThankGod you came helen said
Look if you think you can play games with me, you don’t know me at all, i brought out my silver pistol

No no, there is no need for this, i came here to tell you some thing, she said
And what is that i ask
What did she ask???

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