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Adventure Of A Cultist - Season 1 - Episode 26
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What is that I ask
It about Greg, she said
I don’t care what you and Greg as plan, look Greg is definitely going down,

Please consider what I am going to say, Greg never had the intension of killing you, he made me swear not to tell you, but I can’t watch him die an innocent death,

Greg want to sacrifice his life for you, he knew if you die, he can’t avenge you, but if he die and you live, you can avenge him, she said
Shut the crap girl, was it not Greg that shot me, I ask in anger

Yes he did but he knew what…

Come on you better shut up or I blow off your head, you guys are trying to play on my intelligence right I said

I walk out of that building in anger, I could not help it, my mind was made up already, it will take more than a mere conversation with a lady to cool me off,

I got home yo meet Vivian applying her make up, I am sure she is not going any were, you guys know na, women with make up, you can’t really separate them,

Guys advice from white snow to you, if you really want to know if your girlfriend is beautiful, go to her house very early in the morning, when you know she will be waking up or better still you should be the one to do the waking, let it be a surprise visited, that will be time you get to see the real face of your girlfriend, it will be a sorry for you to know that what you sawbis different from what you have been swing….

And a little advice to the ladies,
Please try yo be natural, no matter how you are there is a unique thing about you that guys will crave for, it not just all about beauty… I end it here

Back to the story, vivian was looking beautiful
I have been watin for you, I tried calling your number it was ringing and you did not pick, she said

Oh my fone was on silent I said

Cosmos I called, how mater dey play I ask
Baba you rugged he said, Castro don call me, he say dem go soon net the guy, he said
No wahala na, I said

Just then my phone rang

Hello I said

CASTO: you too rugged

ME: any news for me

CATO: baba the guy dey our net

ME:OK no wahala, send me the location
I hot ready, cosmos I called, make you ready dem don send location

No matter everywhere pure for me, he said
We got dress, zoom off to the location, leaving Vivian behind

What do you think SCOTT will do to GREG

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