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Adventure Of A Cultist - Season 1 - Episode 27
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We got there, I saw five of my guy
Casto I called

You rugged he replied

Were is the package I ask

The maga just they chill for car boot he said

Brig him out I ordered

I just want to have a sweet revenge I said

They brought him to me he was bleeding all over is body

I can see they gave him the beating of his life
Greg we meet at last I said

Sure we did Greg replied

I am definitely going to have the last laugh, I said

I knew this day will come from the day u join the vikings he said

I don’t understand are u telling me you have already joined the black cat confraternity before i was confirm rugged i ask in surprise
You see if i really wanted you dead, i would have killed you long before you find out about me being a cultist he said

Shut the hell up i said un anger, i brought out my pistol, point it at him,

I guess i don’t need to tell you what will happen to you in a matter of munites
Greg laugh, showing me his whites set of teeth, which have turn red from the blood driping out of his mouth

You know what he said, i am not going to regret it, so get on with it he said

I look at him, i could see fulfillment in his eyes, i could not help wonder why he is not begging for his life, do u have any last speech to give i ask

Yes of-course, a dying man always do.
I was the one that took you to were yu were treated, infact it was helen that treated you, she is a nurse and the owner of the secret house you were treated, she thought me the vital part that are located in the human chest, she showed me the part i could shoot in the human chest that will no result to the death of that person, I have been practicing on that I knew a day will cone, when my guys will find out about our friendship, I will have no choice than to kill you myself,

My worst fear came to past wen I receive a call that you have been capture, and I will be the bone to carry out the execution.

You see SCOTT I knew what I was doing when I shot you, when my guys left I gave an excuse not to go with them, I came back for you, took you to Helen who treated you, I think that my east speech he said
I could not believe what I just heard even if I wanted to turn back, it to late, that explains the hand I felt wen I was shot I look at casto, is eyes were bloodshot, I could sense anger building upin him

Arkman, make you arrange well,you they waste time ooh Castro said

Na arkman you they say make he arrange well, you don dey mad abi cosmos challenge him
Cosmos I called

You rugged he replied

Calm down I said

I look at Greg why didn’t you tell me you were a black cat I ask
Will that end the war he said
You know what your girlfriend would have been dead if not for me he said
I knew how it feels t be killed by your best friend, because I have experience it,
SCOTT go ahead with it, you and I known I can’t ex cape death right now
I slowly raise my gun at him, held on to my trigger……………..

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