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Adventure Of A Cultist - Season 1 - Episode 7
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Who you be? *he ask again* Kai why this guy they do me like this, i answer the question to what i think to be the best at that moment, *bros ’i be nobody*, just then Don Nero drove in with some of is men, smoking weed as usual, he rolled down the car glass and pop his head out, he look at me from my head to toe, i can see my boy is back he said, “loko” he called make e jazz in, e level pure, that was when i got to know the name of that rocky head. :mail: ******************

We got inside Don Nero sat on a chair, while a lady walk over to him and peck him and sat beside him. I can see you are ready to sail with the rugged men. *He said* That was the first time hearing him speak english, “Yes” *i replied* Nor fear any baga *capon said* This night you go rugged he said, staring at me his bloodshot eyes, he handed over the weed he was smoking to me, i nor fit lie that was my first time, but i did a very good job in smoking it, because i don’t to show any sign of unseriousness In joining the rugged men,, Don Nero turn towards me and ask, wetin be your name, he ask “Scott” *i answerd*.

He laughed, na wa oh your papa na oyinbo abi your mama?, *he asked* None sir, *i replied* *Casto” *Don Nero called*. Cappon you rugged *casto answered*. Casto i too like this guy, *cappon said*, give am our “identity card”! Casto gave me a piece of cloth on which the vikings sign was inscripted, That wan na our elebe, no cap man go dare jazz you, because you don belong to the supreme vikings, *Don nero said*. I later discovered that the girl earlier came to sit beside Don Nero was the queen of the viqueens no doubt she was beautiful, nor be bad thing to still flirt with her na, *I said in my mind* I don belong, this night Don Nero go throw me on board.

The night finally came, i was tied and also blindfolded, from Don Nero house all the way to the initiation ground, when we got there i was surprise that i was not the only one to be initiated that night, we were like ten guys, we were drag to their middle. Suddenly I heard someone saying “First of all, we go blend you by beating you to stupor” after that “we go give you our blood to drink and therefore we’re one.” My heartbeat increased when I heard his 1st sentence and it repeated itself “We go blend you by beating you to stupor”!!

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