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Adventure Of A Cultist - Season 1 - Episode 8
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After that all i was hearing was, ruggedity na our calling fill the air, we were still tied down, but by this time our blindfold as been removed. I could see Don Nero sitting on a chair, decorated with red and he was wearing a red attire, so with the rest of the guys, i guess that is the supreme vikings attire, now it was time for the innitiation.

Don Nero stood up to give his speech, This is the sailing ship of the suppreme vikings, *he said* His eyes were bloodshot from excessive smoking, Every cap man wey dey here suppose know say we nor they fear dorodoro(that was the name we call our rival cult) if anything happen grandnut they enter head, as he said that sound of gun shot rent the air “POA! POA!! POA!!”.

Now its time to throw the new guys on board, let the innitiation begin, *he said *. Make una come see beating, at a time i was regretting coming to this people, na so blending be, u go wan first kill me all in the name of say you wan blend me, we were beating to stupor, after the beating. :mail: We were given a liquid to drink, i drank from the cup, i could taste blood! Ewoo *i shouted with mouth pouted*. This wan na blood o * I said* Shut up my friend you want make break your head *Casto said* Chai hope this guys nor get disease, expecially HIV, *i thought* After that we were called the blooding vikings.

******************* I was now a full member, i was introduce to the word of drinking, smoking and most expecially flirting. Don Nero sent me on a lot of mission, which i did with no mistake, yea,… I know i have change i became the blood testing type, with my silver coloured Gun, i can get anything out of my way, with the supreme vikings at my back i was soon feared by other cult members. Defintely that is what Don Nero want from me he love the fact that i was fearless, i was soon regarded as the arkman, on that particular night, we were in our usual hideout when Don Nero called all the boys together, we were upto 20 guys that night. Don Nero called me out “Scott” *he called* You rugged *i replied* Scott, you’re………

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