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Angelz Do Weep - Season 1 - Episode 20
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{ Mystic doorbell }

Being a human can be said to be a difficult thing,temptation always lurking around ready to grip you and the flesh unable to resist it.
When I was still an angel, I always thought the little one just naturally have disobedient spirit, that they just love rebelling against the supreme one’s la!d down rules for them.

Little did I know that being a human is a lifetime challenge.

I haven’t stayed in human flesh up to a week and I could already be classified as a chronic sinner.

I have really tried in breaking all the la!d down regulations of the supreme one.

I’ve lied, fought, even disdained my temple.

I’ve come to know that the greatest challenge is being a human.

” I think I remember “!
She suddenly exclaimed making my face to become pale at once
” he is the person I saw the day I ”

“Oga ,the food don ready ooo”
Mona Lisa the maid interrupted Tabitha with her pidgin English

” where is the dining”?
I asked swiftly asked standing up. Tho I knew where the dining is but I didn’t want to make them to
be suspicious of me.

” follow me”
the maid replying going to the dining and I quickly followed suit.

I was showering the maid appreciation in my mind, I felt like pecking her for saving me.
I turned back and saw Tabitha’s gaze fixed on me and I quickly turned my head back to where I was going.

The maid showed me the dining room and left me to devour the delicacy prepared for me.

I ate to satisfaction trying to shut the little scenario that Tabitha almost caused outta my mind in order not to lose my appetite because of the fear it will attract.

After I finished eating, I went back to the sitting room and saw that the two girls were no longer their.

Only Ranking and Yemi were their, Yemi’s head rested on Ranking’s chest with glass cups filled with wine in their hands as they chat.

I told them I was through and ready to sleep and Mona Lisa was called to show me to my room.(the guest room)
After I got to my room, I shut the door and took my clothes off as I made my way into the bathroom inside the room and had a nice shower, my first for that day.

After I was through with the shower.

I tied towel around my waist and went on my kneel beside the bed
” supreme one, who made me, hallo be thy, for thou kingdom is at hand.

Forgive me all my sins, tempt me no more for I’ve grown bored of it, return me to my position for I’ve learnt my lesson and will never disobey you again and if not grant me the power to execute my mission successfully on earth.

Hearken unto my pleas.

Yours in truth
I sent my message to the supreme one and stamped it with my signature name in almost a whisper.

I switched the light off and retired to the king size bed inside the room and slept off .
I suddenly woke up to the dinging of a doorbell, it was very loud and I was kinda uncomfortable with.

“Who could that be at this time of the night” I asked myself rhetorically as I switched the light inside my room on and sat on the bed trying to hear if Dandy will open the gate for whoever it was that was pressing the doorbell, then I suddenly remembered that the house doesn’t posses any doorbell and I remembered about the mystic one I saw outside earlier.

I knew at once what was happening, the evil ones are coming and they placed the doorbell there to be alerting Yemi of their presence and she in spiritual form will open the door them and allow them passage into the house..

I looked at the wall clock inside the room and saw that It was exactly 1 am .

I knew that their main mission is Tabitha and I’ve to stop them but I didn’t know how.

They are in the spiritual realm and I in the physical realm, which means that I’m visible to human while they aren’t.

People will only see me battling nothing and think that I’m insane.

I deliberated over it for a short time before an idea scraped my mind.

I mustered my invisible self like I did on my first day in Joyce house.

I didn’t know if it was going to work but I gat some faith that it would.

I controlled my spiritual self to take my sword and controlled to the entrance of Tabitha’s room.

Guarding it like a security with the sword in my hand.

After some time I saw like 50 people in black and red on a long queue , an old man who still looked agile with a staff designed with cowries in his hand led them towards Tabitha’s room.

I presumed the man was their leader as he kept hitting the floor at interval with the staff.
I looked through them all and was surprised not to see Yemi.

I raised my sword up glaring at them with a furious eye ready to attack them.

They suddenly halt when they were about to get to me and a man clothed in another attire different from the others came forward to their leader.

” I think that security can see us”
he said glaring at me

” I also think so but it is impossible for a mare mortal to see us ”
the leader replied the man

” and why is he Even guarding the room naked ”
the man with the different attire said and I looked at myself and saw that I was really naked, I stupidly used my hand to cover my thing.

” and he can see and hear us ”
the man in different attire said and returned to where he was standing before .

” young man, is it true that you can see us ”
the leader asked hitting the staff in his hand on the ground

” you don’t need to stress yourself with that, what you need to stress yourself with is how you’re all going to escape from without getting hurt ”
I threatened with a stone face and they all bursted into laughter.

” I think you’re the one who need to run ,I don’t know how you managed to see us but I think we’ve the number advantage ”
the leader said and all his crew bursted into mocking laughter

” I’m feeling good today, so am ready to spare you if you run now ”
he said hitting the staff in his hand on the ground.

I brought down my sword and did like I was contemplating on his offer, after some few seconds I left the entrance signifying to them to do what they they came there to do

{ Mystic doorbell }

I brought down my sword and did like I was contemplating on his offer, after some few seconds I left the entrance signifying to them to do what they they came there to do.

” wise kid ”
the leader said and continued their journey which I halted before, as they got to where I was standing and was about to pass beside me and enter into Tabitha’s room, I swiftly strike the leader with my sword but he quickly shielded it with his staff, all his crew brought a sword at once and the man with different attire also brought out his but it was bigger than the rest and he also has a shield.

I felt my spine tighten a bit with the fear that ran through my system.

The leader commanded them to charge at me and they all charged at me except the man in different attire who stood back smiling.

I wasn’t sure if I was strong in my human form to fight with evil ones not to talk of my conjured spiritual self.

They all attacked at once and I did great job in fighting them, I was even surprised that I could still fight up to that standard.

The sound of klink klink filled every where but only the ones in the spiritual realm could hear it, I made sure a wave of my sword taste the blood of at least two enemies, most of them weren’t skilled but some of them were, and they were given me problem.

All through the fight the leader and the man in different attire just stood where they were like spectators watching the battle.

When I was still an angel, I’ve defeated more than 150 evil ones at a go, that was the day Tabitha was born and they were even more stronger than the ones I was fighting currently.

And I didn’t procure any injury from them tho I was also having my armor on then.

The skilled fighter among the enemies had already given me a lot of mark, a slash on my face, countless on my back and chest but I was also doing my best to take down the ones I could.

With all my strength I defeated all of them but was very exhausted.

I knew I wouldn’t survive a blow from the leader or the man in different attire but I still stood there ready to fight them.

The leader and the man in different attire exchanged glance and they both smile, the leader hit his staff on the floor and the dead bodies of the defeated evil ones rose up again and all their injury healed.

The look on my face could easily be decipher to be fear.

But I noticed something, as the defeated ones rose, the facial expression of the man in different attire changed, it was like he was in a lot of pain, and after the healing of the rose up ones, his face turned pale.

I quickly made a quick calculation in my mind and the answer was that the man in different attire was the key in fully defeating the evil ones army, I’ve heard of such tricks whereby someone stand as a source of life support for others and they can only be defeated by taking down the life support.

The risen dead armies charged at me again but I was very weak to re demonstrate the replica of the first round.

Their sword was having great time of getting into my flesh than my sword was doing to theirs.

I was drawing the battle line backward,going bit by bit closer to the man in different attire.

I made it seem like I wasn’t interested in him and was doing some calculation on how I was going to bring him down at a go.

I could barely continue the fight as blood started oozing out of my mouth, I was dying and I knew it, I never knew I could bleed until that day, something that was suppose to be impossible, angel could only bleed when strike with the immortal sword, a weapon brother Lucifer stole when he rebelled against the supreme one.

But it was only one, so how their sword made me bled is a mystery I would like to solve if I survive the battle.

When I felt myself dying my sight getting blurred and my muscles,bones and flesh failing me, I conjured all the remaining strength in me and aimed my sword towards the man in different attire, I threw it and it was flipping in the air but slow motioned in my eye, it was kinda late before they knew what I was doing, the leader tried to use his sword to shield the sword but it was too late as the sword had already sank into the skull of the man in different attire, he fell down at once and died and all the armies with him except the leader.

The leader shouted with rage in his voice, his eye bloodily red, he raised the staff in hand up and it changed to a spare, he aimed it at me and before I could dodge it, it was already in my chest, its end protruding from my back.

I fell down and my eye shut itself, I opened my eye and find myself inside my room on the bed, blood littering the bedsheet.

” I’ve to save her ”
I managed to say stretching my hands towards the door inside my room before I passed out.

{ Mystic doorbell }

I fell down and my eye shut itself, I opened my eye and find myself inside my room on the bed, blood littering the bedsheet.

” I’ve to save her ”
I managed to say stretching my hands towards the door inside my room before I passed out.

But the worst thing about passing out was that my mind was still active, and I was fully aware that Tabitha was still in danger,I knew I had to do something but I was too powerless and helpless to do it.

The instinct to go and save her was very high and burning through that I felt like my body was on fire.

With force, managed to open my eye, I screamed silently as I used all the remaining strength in me to foster my healing, after all the injuries I procured from the first battle was gone, I quickly brought out my armour and wore it swiftly.

I sat on the bed and conjured my spiritual self again, I ran out towards Tabitha’s room.

When I got the entrance, I was surprised not to see anyone their again, even all the dead armies were nowhere to be found again,but my sword was on the ground their,I picked it up and entered into Tabitha’s room and I saw a beautiful event occurring, tho the event was a sought of violent one but I was deeply touched by it.

I saw precious shielding Tabitha and the leader of the evil one was busy hitting her with his staff, her facial expression showed that she was very tired, but she refused to let go in order to buy time for me to
come back for Tabitha.

When They noticed my presence, the leader stopped and looked at me with terror visible in his eye.

” please save her”
that was the last word from precious mouth before she fell down and scattered into ashes.

She was a good one, she trade her everlasting rest for the safety of her daughter, the injury she sustained was too severe for her to continue being a ghost, her soul is now lost and won’t find rest till eternity.

” looks like you’re tough one who doesn’t give up easily, well, let me give you an honourable death ”
he said moving towards me and his staff transformed to a long sword this time.

He tried to strike me but I dodged it, he was very keened on killing me but all I did was guard all his attack.

After attacking for some period of time and couldn’t get me, he transformed into a big monster and roared loudly, I also brought out my wing, I could tell from his facial expression that he was very surprised to see my wing
” angel Benmanna please spare me ”
he pleaded going on his knee and transformed back.

I was very surprised to how he knew my name
” how do you know my name ”
I asked him tucking in my wings back.

” even tho we haven’t seen you before but everyone of us know the name of the guardian angel guarding the perfect one ” he replied me with a pitiful eye ”

” you knew that their was an Angel guarding her and yet you still have the gut to try and attack her ”
I asked with a thunder like voice ”

” it wasn’t our fault ”
he swiftly replied in his defense

” then whose fault is it ”
I asked again

” the ruler’s fault, he told us that he’s made sure that you lose your position as an Angel and you can no longer guard the perfect one again ”
he replied me stunning me with surprise

” made sure i lost my position as an Angel as how and who is this ruler you speak of ”
I asked with surprise

” I can’t tell you who the ruler is, just strike me dead here because an I’ll fate wait for me if I tell you and the ruler is a man who knows his way around his scheme”
he answered laughing mockingly

” then you die ”
I said raising my sword to kill him but a thick fame suddenly erupted from the floor shielding me from getting to the man, a human figure also erupted with the flame and covered the man and they disappeared into the ground but I caught a glimpse of
the figure that erupted from the floor, I was sure it was someone I’ve seen before.

I moved closer to Tabitha who was sleeping peacefully on her bed, unaware of the great war that occurred.

She looked more cute sleeping and very beautiful,
I’ve been feeding my eye with that sight for a long time but it just seem I couldn’t get enough of it.

I knew I was in love with her but I always deceive myself to believe that I wasn’t, that I was just devoted to protecting her.

I stood guard beside her till black shadow illuminating the earth gave way for the morning light.

I watched as she woke up and stretched yawning, she suddenly sat on the bed and looked like she was remembering something, before a bright smile forced it way out of her lip and she placed her hand on her lip , I knew what it meant, she must have dreamt about someone kissing her and she really love it because her facial expression said it.

She stood up and went to stand in front of her dressing room.

I was oblivious to what she was doing in front of it because my mind was trying to decipher who it was she could have dreamt of,
I knew it couldn’t be Gabriel, or could it be that she has met a guy
she love within the little time I was resting from my duty.

I shook of that idea when her door opened and Nina entered also wearing that beautiful smile that made it obvious that she was also happy.

” how was your night love ”
Nina said as she entered and sat on the bed

” it was very lovely and fine, the best I’ve had for a long time ”
Tabitha answered her smiling

” looks like something so romantic happened in it “?
Nina asked teasingly

” yeah, in dream ”
Tabitha nodded her head shyly

” and who could be the guy that made you have a romantic dream, something I don’t think has happened before ”
Nina asked her dragging Tabitha to seat beside her on the bed.

” it was ”

I wasn’t able to hear her finish her statement before I had to reconnect with my main body when someone knocked on the door of my room

I stood up and opened the door forgetting that I still had the armor on me and sword in my hand.

“What’s the meaning of this in my house”
Ranking asked with surprise as he stood at the entrance of my room looking shocked.

” How do I get myself out of this s--t now ”
was the thought that ran through my mind as I stood in front of Ranking as the fear of been thrown out gripped me

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