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Angelz Do Weep - Season 1 - Episode 6
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{ disruption in heaven }

Life they say will help in covering your deeds for some period of time letting you think you’ve already won or you’ve successfully gotten away from it , but when everything you’ve done comes running back at you, then you will wish everything has long being in the open.

And some doesn’t want to cover their deeds, they’re only looking for the right time to uncover it, some always get lucky to have the right time to unveil it while some are unlucky not to have the right time till all burst open.

Among the lucky ones, I will classify Ranking into, why did I say that, you will know as I continue with this story of my life.

Another aspect of people are the one who always have unrealistic pathetic dreams or imagination.

Dreams which is glaring that it can’t come to pass, but people or divine creations like me always have some tinglings of hope that it can come to pass.

In this case too, some are lucky to have their pathetic unrealistic dream coming to pass, it always feels like a miracle to them, or should I term it as a miracle.

While some are always unlucky not to have their dream come to pass, all they will do is continue dreaming till the earth start rotating backward and still, nothing would happen.

Where do I fall into among the lucky and unlucky ones, you’ll all know as the story goes on.


” here’s my house ,let go in, my mum and dad should be inside ” Nina said holding Tabitha’s hand as they made their way inside while I and Gabriel followed behind them.

When we got into the house, we met Nina’s mom sitting on a divan,
Nina ran to her and embraced her,
” where’s dad “? Nina asked her using her hand to motion to Tabitha and Gabriel to move closer which they did slowly
” he’s gone somewhere,just left not too long ” Yemi replied Nina but suddenly stopped when she saw Tabitha.

” who’re they “? She asked asked her daughter with a stern look

” they are my friend from school mom ” she replied her mom smiling
” and what’s your name ” she asked turning to Tabitha with a curious look
” good afternoon ma, my name is Olugbaye Tabitha ” Tabitha replied Yemi, whose eye suddenly turned red but no one noticed it
” that’s the funniest thing mom, we’re bearing the same surname ” Nina suddenly cut in smiling

” okay, all of you make yourself feel at home, while

I get something for you all to eat ” Yemi said heading out of the room in order to hide her anger

” but you didn’t ask of his name mom ” Nina motioned to her mom who was already heading out of the room,pointing at Gabriel

” oops, my mistake, what’s your name handsome ” Yemi asked turning to Gabriel forcing a smile out of her lip.

” I’m Gabriel Okunsanya ma ” Gabriel replied her politely,smiling.

” nice name kid, now, if you will please excuse me, I will like to get you all something to eat because I know you’ll all be hungry ”
” we’re okay ma, we’ll soon be on the way back home, we’re just here to know where our friend is staying ” Tabitha said in order to turn down the food offer
” am not taking that, first time my daughter will bring her friends home ,you must eat something, even if it’s a dessert ” Yemi replied heading out of the room in order not to allow Tabitha reject the offer again.

” let me get you one one of my photo album, you will see my dad inside it ” Nina said heading to where I presumed should be her room or her mom’s own .

I followed her, it was her room she headed to, a big room with pink background just like Tabitha’s own.

It was very beautiful and everything inside the room were neatly arranged.

I quickly locate all the photo albums inside the room and made them invisible.

After fruitless effort in looking for it, she retired bqck into the sitting room

” don’t know where all the album is, I’ll ask mom when she’s through ” Nina said as she got to the sitting room, she took one of the remote on the table hit some key on it then the TV started displaying cartoon.

” she even gat the gut to enter my house ” Yemi said inside the kitchen as she drop her phone which depict the picture of Tabitha on it .
She dusted some substance into one of the three plate of fried rice and chicken in front of her.

She placed the two pure food on a tray and took them to the sitting room first, she gave one to Gabriel and the other to her daughter, Nina.

When she went back to get Tabitha’s own,
I made her movement very slow, I made it that she was very slow but to her, she was normal.
Before she got outside with Tabitha’s food, the three kid had already eaten the two plates of foods she brought earlier together and were already set to leave.

The shock on Yemi’s face could electrocute a rat.

The kid only bade her bye as they left.

I smiled to myself as I followed after them.

Being born from a tyrant doesn’t mean that you’ll also be one. Yemi and Nina’s case made me to understand that very well.

When the mother is cruel, wicked and lack humanity trying to kill an innocent kid who doesn’t have anything against her, Nina was totally different, her aura was filled with happiness, she has a big heart and loves everyone but Tabitha most .

I even wondered why God had to allow her to choose Yemi as her mother when she was coming to earth. They just don’t fit. But
I don’t know what might happen later when she discover that Tabitha is her stepsister .
” run, bomb I dey come,run,all of you run ” Aliyu said swiftly as Tabitha woke him up when we got to Tabitha’s car and everyone bursted into laughter, he has already slept inside the car when we got there, he was even drooling, Tabitha had to hit him hard in order to wake him up after many feeble attempt which didn’t yield any result.

I know he was dreaming, maybe one that involves those heartless terrorist ( boko haram ) in it.

” you I don finish, small madam ” he finally said gathering his wit

” oga madam I don vex quataquata ,she have call me, she I con ask of you but I tell say you I go your friend’s place ” he added with his hausa pidgin English which only Tabitha and I understand but others couldn’t as they wear that kind of curiosity face like ” what the hell is he saying “?

Tabitha couldn’t laugh because she knew that she’s already in trouble, her mom calling aliyu meant only one thing, she’s back from the supermarket and her (Tabitha ) going to a friend’s place after school without informing her of it before will lead to some trashing, she prays her dad’s home, so that he will help stop her mom from beating her.

After some moment of embracing and all ,she entered her car with Gabriel and they left the compound. Yemi was watching them through the window inside her room with rage.

We dropped Gabriel in a bus stop where his driver was already waiting for him, he had earlier called him to wait for him there.

And I returned to my normal post,flying above the car.

When we got home in front of our gate, Aliyu hit the horn repeatedly in a pattern he’s been taught to do it so that Dandy will recognize them without having to look at the spy hole made to the gate.

But Dandy still had to look through the hole before he opened the gate.

Luckily for Tabitha, Ranking was home and all precious could did was only make some invalid threat because Ranking didn’t allow her to touch Tabitha.

She was asked to change her school uniform so that she can have her lunch, she wanted to tell them that she’d already have eaten where she went to but decided against it because she knew that her dad’s influence would not be able to save her.

She headed to her room and I followed behind her.

My head was busy replaying what I imagined on our way to Nina’s house,

I was smiling to myself as my head was replaying the event. Some part of me wished it should happen for real.

” what’s this ” I suddenly exclaimed to myself, ” how stupid of me to have such an impure thing in my mind ” I said to myself finally having a grip of my stupidity.

But what could be happening to me, could it be that I’m now having thought contradicting my main purpose on earth, I’ve never fell in love before, so I don’t know it symptoms.

But could it really be that I was falling for the perfect one, I don’t know But I think it could smear my mission because the two of us are in different world, her in the physical realm while I was in the spiritual one, so we aren’t a perfect match.

But even if we aren’t a perfect match or that we couldn’t see, it’s really wrong against my principle as an angel to fall in love with a human being, we’re not even allowed in heaven to fall in love with the females ( choirs ) there .

When we got to her room, she first sat on her bed, her room was almost the same as Nina’s own .

I squatted in front of her as I fed myself of her beautiful face before I will shred all the abominable feelings I’ve succeeded in gathering into my heart.

Then suddenly, I heard thunderclap, it was different from earthly thunder, it’s a form of thunder that can only be heard by divine ones like me, and the only reason the thunder can occur was if there’s any form of disruption in heaven, and disruption in heaven can be caused by many factors, like if someone breached the boundary of heaven and earth without formal procedure, or if there’s a brawl in heaven or the taking of the water of life by an impure angel and other factors.

But whenever there’s a disruption in heaven, I’ve heard from the greater one that angels on earth are prone to exposure.

Their invisibility wears off and humans will be able to see them.

The problem was that I was directly in front of Tabitha and before I could run or take a step from there,

I already felt myself being dragged out of the spiritual realm,

Tabitha on suddenly seeing a strange giant in her room with a wing protruding from his back and to worsening it, the strange being was directly in front of her.

She screamed loudly and passed out on her bed.
Immediately I heard footsteps running towards the room and there was no where that I could hide inside the room or escape through.

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