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Anike - Season 1 - Episode 25
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I opened the door and She walked in and
started crying.

“Anike, I’m sorry for betraying you, I
shouldn’t have done what I did, not after
everything you’ve done for me. Jealousy
made me do it”

“Jealousy! You said you can date him, then.
He’s still old or is he now younger?”

“I know I said so, I know he’s rich but I
haven’t seen a man spent for a side chick
like that before. At some point I even
thought you are using jazz on him. Seeing
all the thing he’s doing for you, I regret
throwing away what belongs to me. Anime
you have the whole of Admiral’s heart. See
the way he handled the lecturer’s case. He
loves and pampers you with everything he
has and I became jealous all of a sudden.
Anike it’s not about the material things that
made me grow jealous, you treat me well
with everything you have, but the fact that
a powerful wealthy man like that is under
your finger tips is what arouse the jealousy
the more.

I started plotting ways to separate the two
of you for months. But couldn’t come up
with anything, I know he trusts you so

Telling me about the infection was an
opportunity, you told me you haven’t
informed him and I know he’ll be mad if he
hears it from someone else but I had to lie
about you dating his friends just to make
my story juicy”
he confessed.

“Happy you betrayed me, I even stopped
you from doing runs, I started paying you
the money you make on weekends. I fund
your boutique, I bought you a car, I feed

you, you never brought a grain of rice into
this house and you eat. I cloth you. What
else do you want me to do that I never
did. Once I get an alert, you get an alert
too. I’ve been grateful enough for what you
did for me. I will forever be indebted to
you for connecting me with Prince Alawode.
But you still choose to destroy my
relationship with him”
I said pouring out my heart .

“Please find it in your heart to forgive me,
I’m truly sorry”

“So where have you been since?”
I asked Happy.

“I received a call from Prince Alawode and I knew my cover had been blown, I started packing my things. I moved it into my car, I was about to go out and some guys took
me, one of them drove my car. I was blind
folded. I only opened my eyes and met
myself in a dark room.

They didn’t touch me, I was fed only cereal
and water. I begged them to release me
but they didn’t listen to my pleas. I even
thought they were ritualist.

Until today when I got a call from Prince.
One of the guys gave me the phone and I
spoke with him.
He said

“Happy this is just a tip of the iceberg, You
messed with the wrong girl, you should be
thankful, I hate shedding blood I would
have waste you without a trace. I’m just
doing this for now because she’s worried
sick for a betrayal like you.

Happy if you touch a single strand on
Anike’s hair, I’ll kill you and I mean I’ll kill
you without leaving a trace”

That was all he said, he did even gave me
the chance to apologize.

He said he already ordered the guys to
release me because of you. He said I must
sign and undertaking which will be filled in
police station. I signed and undertaking, it
says anything that happens to you is going
to be on me.

“Eh ya….”

“Have learnt my lessons please forgive me
and help me apologized to him. He also
said he’ll make sure I graduate in this
school without a certificate”

“Ahn..ahn! But seriously you shouldn’t have
played such pranks on him, do you think he
wouldn’t find out the truth”

“Help me beg him please, I know he’ll listen
to you”

“I don’t talk to him again since that day, I
only called today because of you, I just
found out from Tara today that you are
missing, I knew he’s behind it, that’s why I
gave him a call. Have already cut all ties
with him before today”

She knelt down and held me. “Eh…I’m
finished, Anike please you have to talk to
him, you have to mend your relationship
with him or else I’ll be the one to face the
She pleaded holding my

“I’ll talk to him, please get up and stop
kneeling like a little girl, a big like you”

“Thank you”

“Go and get your things back and move in”
“Ha….Prince Alawode will kill me. He
warned me sternly to stay away from you.
We both know he’ll find out”

“I’ll ”
I exclaimed.

“Don’t worry about me, I’ll stay with Tara.

We just have few months to graduate”

“OK, then. If you need anything don’t
hesitate to tell me”

She left later. I had to call Prince again,
because I don’t understand why she won’t
let the girl be.

I called his secured line again

“Have you seen her”
“Yes, but why all the threat nau, you even
said he won’t graduate with a certificate”
“I’m protecting you, that girl could
endanger your life”
“Prince keep your protection, I don’t need
it. She’s a good person it’s only human for
her to act like that”

“What’s wrong with protecting the love of
my life. Anyway I didn’t mean those
threats, I know her to be a good person
too, I just want to put her on the edge so
she could tread carefully around you”

“Better, you’ve done enough to her please
let her be abeg. Good day!”

“Anike, don’t hang up. I’m coming back to Nigeria by the end of the week, I’ll see you then”

“If you think I’ll come to your place when
you return, then you are a joker except
you’ll kidnapped me the way you
kidnapped Happy”
I scoffed.

“Anike…I’m not a kidnapper o, I just want to scare her that’s all”
“I have a meeting now, I’ll call back later”.

Please replace your sim, so we could talk”
“I wont replace it, thanks for today anyway”

I said and hung up.

The next day was my visits to the
orphanage. I visited the orphanage every
months. I had already bought the things
I’m taking along with me the previous
week. I believe in given back to the society.
One of the children at the orphanage called
me aside when I was about to leave.

“Anty Anike, I had a bad dream about you”

Lily said.

She’s one of my favorite at the orphanage.

“How bad was the dream, Pretty?”

“I can’t really explain, but I saw a man who
instructed to pass a message to you
“What’s the message?”
I asked.

“He said you must pray and seek God’s face before you take any decision that as to do
with your future”

“Alright dear, thanks”

I left the orphanage and drove to straight
home digesting what the girl said.


I went to school on Friday afternoon to
returned some text books I borrowed from
the library. From there I went to the
supermarket to get some things for my sick
course mate. I went to her hostel to visit
her. I spent little time with her before I

I left the hostel around six and I drove back
home. I honked and waited for the
gateman to open the gate. He opened after
what took like forever. I drove in and I
noticed some men in Navy Uniform.

I looked up and saw the Boss himself sitting
on a plastic chair in my corridor.

“What’s he doing here”
I asked no one in
particular He has never set foot in my
house before.

I made to reverse before the gate was

“Lock that gate” he commanded the
gateman and I wonder if he’s the one
paying his salary. He obeyed and locked the

Good, I locked my doors and stay put in the
car. For like ten minutes I was there and he
was watching. He later walk up to the car
and knocked the window.

I didn’t move, he knocked again and I
whined down.

“What?” I asked

“Get down” I did not answer him.

“Anike stop been stubborn and get down
from the d–n car!”
He ordered.

I turned off the ignition, took my key and
Gucci handbag and alighted.

“You! I pointed at the gateman, follow him
when he’s going, maybe he could get you a
job because you have no job here again. I
promise you, I’ll see to that”
I lash at the gateman.

“Madam….”the gateman called out but I waved him off
I made for the door and Prince followed. I
retrieve the key from my bag and unlock
the door. Two of the naval officers also
followed us in.

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