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Ayorkor - Season 1 - Episode 11
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It was day break. Ayorkor entered her car and waited for a while before starting the ignition. She had to find a way to face his colleague at the office. Her gateman opened the gate for her and she drive out of the compound. A reason known to her, she used a different route to work that Monday morning. She put on a smiling face before getting down from her car. She entered the office. Luck was on her side. Doctor Anderson was yet to report when she entered.

A few minutes later, doctor Anderson entered her office looking a little surprised at Ayorkor. He was not surprised as a result of Ayorkor being early at work. He knew the young lady to be a time conscious person. Getting to work early was her hall mark but since Okanta entered her life, she either goes to work ten or twenty minutes late always.

“good morning doctor Ayorkor”
doctor Anderson greeted looking sceptical. Ayorkor knew he was driving at something. Doctor Anderson always called her doctor when he needs an information.

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Ayorkor responded with a broad smile. Knowing her colleague was trying to drive at something, she swiftly thought of what to say to doctor Anderson.

“Errrrmmm, you seemed to have come early today. Hope all is well”
doctor Anderson inquired.

“since when did I become a late comer”
Ayorkor asked on a lighter note

“I beg, don’t pretend you don’t know what I am saying”

Doctor Anderson said to her

“well, Okanta has traveled to Dubai for a business summit. He will return in two weeks. Hope you are clear now or you still need an explanation”
Ayorkor said trying to make fun of her colleague.

“by the way, I visited Amerley. The little girl that had a surgery two months ago here. She was more than excited to see me. She is perfectly fine” she switched topics to avoid further questions about Okanta.

“talking of her, when will we have the trip to Dubai for the shopping?”
he inquired with keen interest.

“will there be breathing space for us to take up that journey? Personally, I think we should select other staffs to take the trip” she advised

“doctor!, doctor!!, must you always be glued to your work? We better take up this journey ooo because I really want to see, touch and feel Dubai and also relax because I’m stressed out”
doctor Anderson disclosed
Ayorkor giggled. She saw what doctor Anderson said very amusing. He joined her in the giggle.

“by the way I have a very weird information about one of our nurses. You won’t believe it”
doctor Anderson disclosed with a serious face.

“since when did you become a gossip?”
Ayorkor asked on a lighter note though she was curious to know what it was. They both giggled.

Doctor Anderson promised to tell her later. He left Ayorkor’s office. The female doctor gave out a loud sigh of relief. She had to find ways and means to avoid the topic of Okanta once and for all. She felt relieved about the fact that doctor Anderson didn’t really know Okanta in person. She put on her white overcoat, picked a file and her gadget. She exited her office to the out patient department.

Ayorkor drove out of the hospital to a restaurant that was a few meters away from the hospital to have lunch. At the restaurant, she ordered for her favourite, Jolloff and chicken with a chilled coke. Whiles she was busily enjoying the meal, a young man asked if he could join her at the table. She lifted her eyes and scanned the guy from his face to his knees.

The young man was five feet tall and sixty kilogram in weight. He had an innocent handsome face. His neat white shirt was tucked in his black trouser. He had a black tie to match his trouser and black shoes. Something caught Ayorkor’s eyes that made her smile. That was the identity card that was pinned to the pocket on his left b----t. Her smile gave the young man a signal that she was cool. He sat down without Ayorkor given him the permission.

Ayorkor read well what was written on the I.D card. The card disclosed that he was Nii Teiko, a news editor at Peace Fm, a Despite group company. The young man realised Ayorkor’s eyes was fixed on his identity card. He smiled, revealing his dimple. The young man was an epitome of handsomeness.

A waiter attended to the young man and he ordered for the same food Ayorkor was eaten.
“hope you don’t mind I ordered the same food you are enjoying?” the young man asked with a grin

“not at all. But you have said nothing about yourself to me or I’m probably intruding on your privacy”

“not at all miss. I thought you are okay with the information on my I.D card”
the young man said and they both giggled.

“well, my name as shown on my ID card is Nii Teiko. I am a news editor at Peace Fm, one of Despite’s group of companies” he disclosed.

“wow, that is cool. Actually my favorite station is Okay Fm. I always listen to Kwame Nkrumah Tikesie and Abeiku Santana” Ayorkor disclosed.

“wait a minute. Is it his real name or it’s just a Nicky. I mean Kwame Nkrumah Tikesie”
Ayorkor asked

“well, wait till you see him in person. I can’t say much for now. Would you mind telling me about yourself?”
the young man was eager to know her

“oh! Forgive me for my bad manners. I am Ayorkor Jacobs, I am a medical doctor. A pediatrician to be precised. You can always locate me at Nicky’s Family Hospital” she disclosed with a smile.

“a medical doctor?” Nii Teiko said looking at his shoulders.

“why are you looking around. Are you expecting someone?” Ayorkor asked

“not really. Just making sure no one slaps me from behind. Medical doctors have big men around them always”
he disclosed and Ayorkor giggled. She knew what he was driving at

“Doctor Ayorkor is very single. You have no cause for alarm”
she disclosed.

“are you trying to say a beautiful lady like you is not dating? Are men blind all what?” he was surprised

“well, I don’t blame men. I blame myself. I am always busy with work. I am supposed to travel to Dubai but because of work, I’m trying hard to avoid the trip”
Ayorkor disclosed

“oh girl, don’t be too hard on yourself. You have to slow down. You need time for yourself” Nii Teiko advised.

They got to know each other well, exchanged contacts and parted ways. Ayorkor felt elated. She thanked God for making her have lunch at the restaurant that day. The restaurant was were she usually ate but stopped going there due to busy schedules as well as her time with Okanta.

Ayorkor drove back to the hospital with renewed strength. Nii Teiko was a news editor which is a good profession. He was as well in one of the biggest media house in Ghana. She sat in the swivel chair and smiled to herself. To her, things would turn out well with Nii Teiko because they found each other. Nobody linked them. Nature actually linked them which was a good omen.

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Ayorkor… Love and profession

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