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Ayorkor - Season 1 - Episode 12
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Doctor Anderson entered Ayorkor’s office to see her in a world of her own. He stared at her for sometime before clearing his throat to let the young lady know he was in the office. Doctor Anderson asked her what had made her happy that afternoon. She lied that Okanta had promised to marry her. Doctor Anderson congratulated her. He told her how happy he was for her. He disclosed that he was not against the relationship as she thought earlier. Ayorkor advised him not to bring back the past. The two doctors had fun in the office.

The friendship of Ayorkor and Nii Teiko grew faster than a fertilized seedling. She felt grateful to God for replacing Okanta with Nii Teiko who looks more responsible.
The young man introduced her to most of the radio presenters at Peace fm, Okay Fm and Neat FM. She got the privilege to meet her favorite presenters. Abeiku Santana and Kwame Nkrumah Tikesie.

Something kept her thinking. Anytime Nii Teiko introduced her to someone, all he said was “meet Ayorkor. She is my doctor friend” and also, he didn’t make any attempt to take her to his house

Ayorkor decided to confront him about the matter. She did and all that the young man told her was not to worry about anything because there was nothing there to worry about. He told her not to be so haste in following him home because he was not in the relationship for s-x but for marriage. He promised to take her to his house when time was due. The words of the young man calmed the young lady’s heart. Her heart was la!d to peace.

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One evening, Nii Teiko went out with Ayorkor to have dinner at a restaurant that had good live band. Whiles they were enjoying the music, food and the atmosphere. Nii Teiko la!d his head on the table. The act told Ayorkor that the young man was trying to cancel his presence from someone. She became sceptical. She asked him why he had putting his head on the table. The young man kept silent. He placed his phone on his right ear and pretended to make a call. Ayorkor felt ashamed for judging him wrongly.

Ayorkor was wrong! Everything happened with the speed of light. A lady screamed Nii Teiko’s name from behind her. She turned to see a pregnant lady looking very furious. The look on her face told Ayorkor there was something wrong that very moment. The lady swiftly got closer to where Nii Teiko was sitting and held his shirt.

“oh so you think I’m not good enough for you right? You married me to put me behind doors and hang out with harlots right?”
the lady screamed on top of her voice which attracted a number of people who tried to calm the situation. Some too had their phone cameras on. Ayorkor felt very embarrassed. She wished the earth would open and swallow her up that very moment. She had her dignity to protect but can she get out of the scene created without being disgraced?

She stood up and silently tried to walk away but unfortunately for her, the lady grabbed her dress by the neck.

“you want to run away right, madam husband snatcher. Didn’t you see his wedding ring before chasing him with your p---y? Can’t you get any other man to sleep with you aside following people’s husband?”
the lady hissed still holding Ayorkor’s dress.
The lady tried to slap Ayorkor but the people around held her. Ayorkor being freed from the grip of the pregnant lady tried to walk away from the place but she didn’t get it easy.

The lady followed her with shouts of insult alongside clapping. The lady was so loud that everyone in the area heard her and realised the lady she was hooting at was having an affair with her husband.

The crowd that gathered was huge. Some started pointing fingers at Ayorkor. The lady kept screaming on top of her voice. She kept explaining to the people around. Ayorkor picked a taxi and was taken out of the embarrassing scene. The lady went back to her husband who still had her head on the table.

He felt very ashamed of himself for the act. The lady begun to cry asking her husband if she wasn’t pretty enough or the pregnancy had made her body not attractive enough. The lady in question was beautiful. She was fair in complexion. Had the same height and body weight with Ayorkor. She had sexy eyes that can turn a guy on with just a stare. Even in her anger and tears, one could see she was was very pretty.

Nii Teiko lifted his head looking very embarrassed. He felt he had wronged the wife. He knelt down in front of the wife that moment and pleaded with her for forgiveness. The wife left him at the scene without a word. She entered her car and drove off
Ayorkor entered her house feeling headache because of the great embarrassment she received that evening. She just didn’t understand why that married guy proposed to her. She decided to forget about men and focused on her profession..

Will that happen? More to come…

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Ayorkor… Love and profession

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