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Ayorkor - Season 1 - Episode 13
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Ayorkor decided to forget about love and focus on her life and profession. The following day at work was tough for her. She buried her pride and disclosed to Doctor Anderson everything that had happened to her. Her colleague was shocked because he thought Ayorkor was going out with Okanta. Ayorkor explained that she was shy to tell him when she got to know who Okanta was. The assistant doctor asked her why she didn’t advise herself with Okanta’s issue but went in for another guy. She disclosed that her heart wouldn’t let her be.

Doctor Anderson advised her to be careful with men and also change her mentality of going for someone with a good profession. Ayorkor disclosed that she would rather stay single than date a low class guy. Doctor Anderson realised nothing he would say will make the young lady see sense. He decided to let sleeping dogs lie. He made fun of Ayorkor with what happened to her, the previous night.

“Ayorkor, can you describe the scene to me? I mean the scene of you, Nii Teiko and his wife”
he said with a giggle.

Ayorkor realised he was being mischievous. Doctor Anderson saw Ayorkor’s look and run out of the office giggling. She giggled too. She remembered something and jumped up from the swivel chair. She walked out of the office and located Doctor Anderson. The male doctor tried to run from her but Ayorkor told him not to worry because she doesn’t have his time. Doctor Anderson kept a broad smile across his cheeks.

“I need a driver. If I don’t get one, I will one day kill myself with stress and anxiety whiles driving”
she disclosed.

“so finally, Nii Teiko’s wife has made you see sense in what I always tell you right?”
doctor Anderson giggled

“oh gosh! Must you make fun of someone’s predicament? Slow down for me please” Ayorkor held her fore head, displaying her distress.

“I’m not making fun out of your predicament. I am making fun of your stubbornness. You hardly listen to advise. I have been advising you to get a driver and also change that mentality of dating only people with good profession”
doctor Anderson said still giggling

“are you going to get me a driver or you will keep making fun of me?” Ayorkor asked still holding her forehead.

“don’t worry. I will get you a responsible driver. There is this driver I know who keeps disturbing me to get him a company car to drive. I will talk to him about it and see if he is interested in driving a stubborn lady” doctor Anderson said sarcastically.

“how responsible is he. I don’t want any rough rider” she inquired

“well, this guy is married with kids. I have known him for about two years now and I haven’t heard anything bad about him or seen him in any bad way”
he disclosed.

“please talk to him for me”
she pleaded.

Doctor Anderson giggled and left her. Ayorkor went to her office, prepared and went to the wards to check on the admitted patients.

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Ayorkor received a call from one of her friends named Dede. Dede disclosed that there was this hot Doctor Who was single and was looking for a wife. Ayorkor told her she wasn’t interested but Dede told her the young doctor was serious and would marry her if she agrees to go out with him.

Ayorkor disclosed to her all she had been through all in the name of finding a perfect partner to be with. Dede told her she was aware of her predicament but that can’t stop her from searching.

“the fact that you were flooded by the rain doesn’t mean you shouldn’t drink water. You will end up dying of thirst. I understand why you are saying you are not interested but I’m pleading that you give this one a try. The young man is very serious”
Dede advised
Ayorkor gave out a loud sigh of weary. She was tired of going out with untruthful men. She decided to give the doctor a try. She asked Dede a few questions about the young man and she answered them without stress. Dede told her to meet her after work that day so they could talk more about the doctor.

Ayorkor went to lunch with doctor Anderson that afternoon. She told him about what her friend had proposed and this time around, she asked for advise. Doctor Anderson as usual advised her to be careful. He decided not to raise the issue of love and profession because he knew her stand and it looked like nothing would change her mind.

Ayorkor called Dede on phone to ask her where to meet her when she closed. Dede gave her the name of the location and Ayorkor drove to the restaurant. She spotted Dede and a fine looking gentleman sitting at a table having fun. She wondered if her friend had started cheating on her husband. Not wanting to intrude on their privacy, she went outside and called her friend on phone to inform her she was at the entrance of the restaurant. Dede went out of the restaurant to meet Ayorkor. Ayorkor pretended not to have seen her with anyone.

She took her to the table the gentleman was sitting. They both sat down without a word. Ayorkor greeted the young man and he responded calmly with a smile. Dede introduced the young man as doctor Aaron…

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