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Ayorkor - Season 1 - Episode 14
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The young man stared at Dede in a way that told Ayorkor he was not happy with the kind of introduction her friend did. The gentleman interrupted her thoughts
“must you always add doctor to my name? I am Aaron Roxy in the outside world. You can call me doctor Aaron when you visit me at the office”
he said with a cool smile and in a humble manner.

“whether I meet you in the office or in the outside world, you are doctor Aaron Roxy” Dede tried to be mischievous.

The gentleman lifted the bottled water and tried to pour it on Dede. Ayorkor cleared her throat and the young man looked away shyly. Dede giggled because she realised she had defeated the gentleman.

“if non of you will acknowledge my presence, what is the essence of being here? You guys have ignored me totally and are doing your own thing. I think it’s time for me to leave”
Ayorkor disclosed but Dede knowing her friend very well knew she was just kidding and played along.

“the door is very huge. It can assist you in exiting”
Dede said sarcastically, pointing at the main exit.

“oh dear please don’t mind Dede. She is doing her usual things” Aaron said and turned swiftly to face Ayorkor.

“if you don’t know this crazy friend of mine, you will think she is serious. Don’t worry doctor Aaron. I am cool here”
Ayorkor replied.

“Ayorkor, please try not to be like Dede. Just call me Aaron”
the young man said. Ayorkor grinned.

Ayorkor asked Aaron what he was specialized in as a medical doctor. The young man disclosed that he was an eye doctor. That is an optician. He as well asked her what she was also specialized in. Dede without wasting time disclosed that her friend was a pediatrician.

“wow! You are a doctor too? That is beautiful. A lady with a strong heart”
Aaron said to Ayorkor who was not too happy with her friend for telling Aaron she was a doctor. Dede just ignored her and giggled.

Ayorkor was thrilled with everything about the young man. He was gently dressed with his hair neatly barbed. He was of the same height with Ayorkor. He had a cute face that could make a girl go wild. He spoke softly and gentle.
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Among the friends of Ayorkor, Dede was her favorite. She was a lady that doesn’t keep things. She always try her best to make a joke out of the most delicate situations. Whenever she was annoyed, she would just voice out her anguish and let go instantly. She was a friend like no other.

Ayorkor and Aaron got to know each other well whiles they had fun. They exchanged contacts before parting ways. Ayorkor dropped Dede before going home. She told herself there was no way she was going to fall so easily for the young man. She took a shower, took a story book titled ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ written by Nicholas Anderson Ankomah from her shelves and begun to read on her bed.

The suspense in the story made her want to read to the end but sleep took over.

Ayorkor was the first doctor to get to work the following day. Doctor Anderson later entered her office with a guy following him. He introduced the young man to her as Steve, the driver he had been talking about.

Ayorkor stared at the guy for sometime before asking him how long he had been in the driving business. The driver replied that he had been in the business for more than five years. He presented his driving license to Ayorkor to see the details on it. She was somehow impressed with him. She gave him the details of his duty as her driver and asked if he was cool.

The driver was to pick her early in the morning everyday to work at six and back to the house at five in the evening. She disclosed that the hours between 8am to 4pm was at his disposal. The most important thing was, he must be on time to pick her to work and back to the house.

The driver told her it was not a problem at all. Ayorkor sent a strong warning to the driver. She told him to obey only her orders and not do what he wished. The driver agreed. Ayorkor asked him when he wished to start work and he said that very moment. Ayorkor giggled. She realised the young man was ready to work. She made him start work that moment because he was well known by doctor Anderson. The driver’s joy knew no bounds. He was excited to have gotten a job.

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