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Ayorkor - Season 1 - Episode 16
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After work, Ayorkor called Dede, Naa Obieley and Naa Atswei on phone to meet her at their usual hang out joint because she needed their advice on her new relationship. They responded positively and promised to meet her. Ayorkor asked Steve to take her to Demod at North Kaneshie. Anytime Ayorkor or any of her friends asked them to meet at that joint, they took it serious because that was where they usually met to discuss issues that bothers them.

Naa Obieley was already seated and sipping club beer when Ayorkor got to Demod. She joined her with a smile. A waiter attended to her and she ordered for her favorite beer, Shandy. Ayorkor asked Naa Obieley if she had been there for long. Naa Obieley disclosed that she dropped immediately she closed from work.

“wow, a friend like no other”
Ayorkor said with a smile

“a sister from another mother”
Naa Obieley replied and the Two ladies laughed their hearts out. Just then, Naa Atswei and Dede arrived in Naa Atswei’s car. They joined the other two and ordered for their favorite beer as well.

That was their terms whenever they met.

They were always there for each other.

They had been friends for more than eight years. It all started when they were in senior high School at Aburi Girls. Every two weeks in the school at their time, there was a quiz competition between the houses and two ladies represented each of the houses. Ayorkor, Dede, Naa Obieley and Naa Atswei were in different houses and because of the depth of their intelligence, they always represented their houses.

Whenever it was a few days to the competition, the houses would be at logger heads with each other. It was believed that if you talk to your opponent some days to the competition, they would sU-Ck you off everything you have learnt. The ladies sometimes end up fighting each other because of the competition. Non of the houses wanted to be tagged as the non performing house. All the other houses won the competition but Ayorkor’s house won the most. Her house was tagged as the witches house because there was no question they didn’t have an answer to.

One weekend when the houses were getting ready for the competition, Dede being a participant from a different house sneaked from her camp to see Ayorkor who was also in a different house. Ayorkor was rude to her at first because she also had the belief that if she talks to her, whatever she had learnt would go to her. Dede disclosed that she meant no harm. She disclosed her mission and Ayorkor found it very amusing. Dede had a huge some of money with her. Dede was actually from a well to do family so money wasn’t a problem.

She showed the money to Ayorkor and pleaded with her to give her some of her powers.

The powers of knowing the answer to every question that would be asked. Ayorkor was shocked to hear that. She most often hear people say she was a witch but never took it serious until that very day.

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Ayorkor had wanted to sound an alarm for her house mates to see what Dede was up to but she had a second thought. She decided to use the opportunity to change the lady’s mentality about her. She promised to help Dede but won’t take anything and also on a condition that, they will meet alone always.
Dede agreed to what Ayorkor said. She was happy because not only the competition she needed those powers for but also for her exams and tests. Ayorkor told Dede to meet her the next day at the same place immediately the lunch bell was rang. Dede agreed to meet her. She left looking very elated. Ayorkor shook her head in disbelief. She realised the other houses were actually serious about her being a witch. She decided to reveal her secret to Dede to save her face and reputation.

Dede met Ayorkor at the same place the following day as they agreed. Dede went with the items Ayorkor asked her to go with. A diary or jotter, a pen and English text book. Ayorkor glanced at her shoulders and being sure there was no student around, she asked Dede to follow her. She led her to one of the school’s uncompleted building which was some meters away from Ayorkor’s house.

The room was uncompleted but had chairs and a chalk board. Everything in the room told Dede that students have been meeting in that room. Ayorkor ordered Dede to sit on one of the broken chairs. When the lady was settled, Ayorkor smiled and disclosed that, it was the room she had been doing her rituals.

The smile on her face faded. She asked her if she was ready to be initiated. Dede shivered. She nodded positively. In as much as she was eager to get the powers, she was a bit scared. Ayorkor saw the fright in Dede’s eyes and smiled.

Ayorkor ordered Dede to open her jotter as well as the comprehension part of the English text book. Dede did with shaky hands. Ayorkor advised her to be quick because they had little time.

“first of all, I will advise you to take note of everything I say here. That is why I asked you to bring a jotter and a pen. I made you bring the English text book because you need to understand certain things. Comprehension comes from the word ‘comprehend’. It means to understand, to have a fair idea of. Most students don’t understand what they study. If you don’t understand what you study, how then do you answer complex questions?”
Ayorkor paused to look at her. She was indeed writing down points.

“…now whenever you come across comprehension passages in the English language, you are expected to read and understand the passage very well before attacking or attempting any of the questions. So as a student, the first tool you need is understanding”

Ayorkor showed her a few ways to understand questions and how to answer them. She as well advised her to study because it was her sure bet to answer questions well. Ayorkor disclosed that, the uncompleted building was her secret place for studying. She taught her so many things on how to study. She ended by saying “this is my ritual”

Dede understood everything Ayorkor told her. She felt ashamed after the lecture. She had been studying but realised she doesn’t go the extra mile as Ayorkor does. She apologized to her for seeing her as a witch and pleaded with her to be her pal. Ayorkor agreed to be her secret pal because of the enmity between the houses.

Dede followed Ayorkor’s lectures and it worked for her in every aspect of her studies. She begun to secretly fight with those that saw Ayorkor as a witch due to her intelligence. She even slapped her own classmate just because the lady called Ayorkor a witch.

Dede launched a secret campaign to get Naa Obieley and Naa Atswei from the other houses to let them know what they thought about Ayorkor was a lie. It resulted in so many secret battles because Naa Obieley was in a different house and a competitor. Same thing applied to Naa Atswei but in the end Dede won the battle.
She won the trust of the two ladies and took them to Ayorkor who wasn’t expecting them. They apologized to her for being hard on her. They became secret friends though the battle of who is the best house continued. They all adapted to Ayorkor’s lectures and bettered their grades. As for the competitions, they decided that there should be a rotational winning. That is if this house wins this week, the following week must be for another house.

They kept their friendship a secret because they wanted the competition to remain as it was. The arguments, the battles etc made it interesting and full of suspense.

They graduated with good grades. They had wanted to go to the same university but unfortunately it didn’t happen that way. Dede and Ayorkor went to the same school. Naa Obieley and Naa Atswei also went to the same school.

“thank you ladies for responding to my call. I couldn’t ask for better friends than you girls. I need advise on my pending relationship with Aaron. I mean doctor Aaron”
Ayorkor disclosed when she realized they were settled…

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