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Ayorkor - Season 1 - Episode 17
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“Ayorkor, are you saying you don’t trust me anymore? Are you still doubting the gentleman I linked you too”
Dede asked looking a bit surprised

“girlfriend, don’t get me wrong. I really trust you girls with my life especially you but it’s not you I’m talking about here. It’s the gentleman I am sceptical about. We all know how my relationship with the other guys went. I just want to be safe this time around”
Ayorkor explained herself.

“Dede, I don’t think you should take things personal here. Ayorkor wants to be sure things won’t turn out bad with Aaron as it did with the others. I would’ve done same if I were in her shoes” Naa Obieley added her voice.

“oh girls, please don’t get me wrong. She has explained herself and I think she is on track. Ayorkor, I will advise that you slow down with this relationship and study Aaron very well. We used to be in the same hood when we were teenagers and nothing bad was said about him but who knows, human beings change with time so just relax and study him for a while” Dede advised.

“Dede has said it all. Study this gentleman very well before you jump into the relationship. So far as he is a doctor which is a perfect profession, he is thirty percent qualified to have you but let’s see his real identity first”
Naa Atswei also advised her friend.

“girls, let’s show love to Dede for the good job he did when we were in high school. She fought for this beautiful friendship to happen”
Ayorkor disclosed and the girls smiled.

“Awwww Dede, we are so proud of you. You fought a good battle. If it wasn’t for you, this witch called Ayorkor would have always won the competition for her dirty house”
Naa Obieley said trying to revive their memory way back in senior high School.

“see who is talking. Because of our intelligence and neatness, all the houses feared and hated us, including your God forsaken and dumb house”
that was directed at Naa Obieley.

“as for my house, we were second to non. There is an adage in Akan that goes ‘good kings don’t talk much’. I guess you understand what that means” Naa Atswei added her voice

“see these girls. Bragging about their naughty houses. Have you forgotten how we always floored all in the houses in any competition? Just chill because there is nothing to write home about your houses” Dede said and the argument got heated.

They argument of who’s house was the best, went on and on till it was dropped. It was an argument that had no end between Ayorkor and her friends. Non of them accepted defeat.
The three ladies agreed that Ayorkor must slow down with the relationship with Aaron to see who he really was. They spoke on things that was of interest to them. Had fun for a while. Ayorkor introduced her driver to the ladies before they all departed to their various homes. Ayorkor checked her wrist watch when they got to her house. It was a few minutes past eight in the evening. She told Steve to take the car home but advised him to pick her early the following day. Steve thanked her madam and drove off.

Ayorkor spoke to her security guard before going to her room. She washed down and went straight to bed.

Lying on her bed, she was very happy with the fact that she had friends that had her back. As she was thinking about how wonderful her friends were, ‘My Own’ a song by Samini filled the air. It was her phone.

She took the phone and checked the caller identity. It was Aaron. She made the song play for a while before answering the call. The song was her favorite track. The soft and calm voice of Aaron filled her ears. After exchanging greetings, the young man asked her how her day went. She told him exactly how it went. He as well told her how his day went disclosing how hectic it was. Ayorkor advised him to slow down before he broke down.

He inquired from Ayorkor why she won’t be able to meet him during the weekend. Ayorkor disclosed that there was a patient that needed to be attended to. Aaron was cool with everything she said. The young man was gentle in every way which amazed Ayorkor. She tried hard to believe if he was real or just pretending after the call. She thought about the young man for a while before sleep took over.

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Steve drove in to the house before Ayorkor woke up. It was too early to judge but she was cool with the driver being conscious of time.
The driver being aware he was thirty minutes early, decided to wait in the car to wait for his madam. He had no intention of disturbing the doctor. Because of his wife, he respected women who were into professions that were meant for men. A few minutes later, Ayorkor joined the driver in the car. She greeted him with a grin.

“you were so early today”
Ayorkor said smiling

“well, I don’t trust the streets of Accra. There is traffic where ever you pass and to avoid rush hour is to leave the house early. Also, if I come to work late, you will as well go to work late. Productivity is therefore delayed”
he disclosed. He turned the ignition and it responded with ease. The security guard opened the gate for the car.

“I wish all workers will think and act like you. Wait a minute. You look more intelligent than I thought. Why are you driving instead of doing something better”
Ayorkor had a sceptical look on her face

“I don’t think driving is a bad profession”
Steve said politely.

“since when did driving become a good profession? I seriously don’t see it as such. Driving is for uneducated people but you look very educated”
Ayorkor argued.

“madam, I don’t think driving is a bad profession as you see it. I read electronic engineering at KNUST but decided to drive because it’s a profession I love. If there was a driving course in the university, I would have gone for it”
he said to the amazement of his boss.

Ayorkor stared at the driver who was focused on the street. They got to a traffic light and the red light switched on. The driver stopped and turned to his boss.

“imagine everyone became a doctor like yourself, a bank manager like my wife, nurse, teacher, journalist, engineer, pilot, directors etc, who would have become a driver to drive you, a mechanic to fix your car? A market woman who goes to villages to get food stuffs to serve us? The shoe maker to shine and mend our shoes? The cobbler to make shoes for us to wear and look good? So you see every profession is very important?. We are all equal no matter the profession”
Steve lectured.

The green light turned on and he focused on the streets. The look on Ayorkor’s face told the young man she was not in agreement with his lecture. To him, she can keep her thoughts to herself. He didn’t care what she thought about his profession. He was proud and happy with what he was doing. Ayorkor didn’t utter a word till they got to the hospital. She got down from the car and the first person she met was Doctor Anderson.

Doctor Anderson asked her about the services of the driver and she confessed that he was very good. Ayorkor disclosed to her colleague that the driver was very crazy to have abandoned his KNUST certificate for a driving profession nobody respects. Doctor Anderson giggled. He shook his head and brushed the topic aside because he knew Ayorkor had no head when it came to professions.

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