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Ayorkor - Season 1 - Episode 2
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Doctor Anderson joined Ayorkor in her office after the man and his wife had left. Ayorkor concentrated on what she was doing on the laptop.

“is there hope for that little girl?”
Ayorkor wasn’t surprised at the question because looking at the state of the child’s system, one could easily throw his or her hands in the air in despair and give up on the little girl. Things were that bad and it would take a miracle for the child to survive the surgery. Ayorkor actually told the girl’s parent she had forty percent chance of survival after the surgery but it was never true. It was worse than that. She just gave the parent hope to hold on to and also pray for the child.
“I must confess that this is the most critical case I have come across since I became a professional doctor. Most of the surgeries I have done on other patients were different. They either had fifty or sixty percent chance of survival but this one seems to be different. The actual chance of the girl to survive after the surgery is as low as twenty percent. This is serious” she said looking at Doctor Anderson who had made himself comfortable in the opposite swivel chair in the office.

“you should have told her parent the truth” Doctor Anderson reasoned.
“oh no! You didn’t expect me to slam their faces with the truth. Do you? I’m really feeling their pain. Doctor Anderson, this is not time to look at the negative side of the situation. Let’s work as a team and do our possible best to make this surgery a success. We can!” she said with charisma given her full attention to her assistant.

“we sure can!” Doctor Anderson said but deep within himself, he wasn’t sure the surgery was going to be successful.
“Mr Man, enough of the office talk. Today is Thursday. What are you guys up to, this weekend. I mean you and your wife?” Ayorkor inquired with a grin.

“well, I have spotted a very beautiful lodge at Aburi mountain. My wife and I will have a one day vacation at the place. It’s going to be fun” Doctor Anderson disclosed.
“by the way, what’s up with you also this weekend. Going to be all alone in the house?” Doctor Anderson Asked.
“hell no!” Ayorkor grinned
“I am meeting an engineer this weekend at Golden Tulips hotel. Who knows, he could be my Prince Charming who will lead me to the alter” she said with a broad smile across her cheeks.

Doctor Anderson shook his head though he was smiling. Ayorkor got the red signal.
“please don’t come and preach me about love and profession. I know what i want in life” she said on a lighter note trying to put Doctor Anderson off
The male doctor was not perturbed by the lady’s warning
“Ayorkor! I keep telling you love has nothing to do with profession. Just accept love as it presents itself to you. It’s good to marry someone who is into something big but the question is, will that person make you happy or miserable? Just clear your mind off that mentality you are holding on to and the real man will come along and not a professional man. Marriage is a life time affair. Choose wisely” he advised in quote.
“oh gosh! There he goes again with his sermon. I hear you sir but I know what I want in life” she said with a giggle. Doctor Anderson giggled too.

“Ayorkor will never change” he said with a wider grin.

“of course! Me I nooorrr change me” she said and they both blurted out with a loud giggle.

“on a more serious note, the little girl must be prepared for the theatre on Monday. We have to do what we can” Ayorkor said to her assistant.

“Hmmmm. Okay, we will do what we can” he confirmed

Ayorkor realised Doctor Anderson had little or no faith that the surgery would be successful but she kept silent on the matter. He had every right to doubt the survival of the child because of the state in which she was. She was actually seventy percent dead already but Ayorkor didn’t want to give up on her so easily. She was determined to try whatever it takes to help the kid back to life.

Her passion for children made her chose to be a paediatrician. Anytime a child lost her life in the hospital, she would go to her office, lock herself up and shed tears. She did it behind closed doors because it was unprofessional to add emotions to the profession.

Ayorkor went round the wards to check up on the patients in the hospital after talking to doctor Anderson. The last patient she visited was the child that was brought to the hospital earlier that day. She stood at the entrance of the ward and stared at the little girl who was lying on the bed with so many cables connected to her body. She looked peaceful on the bed but Ayorkor knew she wasn’t that much peaceful. She was going through hell.
Ayorkor went back to her office and continued with what she was doing before Doctor Anderson interrupted her in the office.

Ayorkor was young, beautiful and bold. She always got what she wanted. From childhood, she desired to become a doctor. Her father wasn’t sure about his daughter being a doctor. What he actually saw in her was a journalist. Everybody around Ayorkor knew her as a parrot. She could talk morning till evening without getting tired.

When she was about entering senior high School, her father advised her to choose a general art program but Ayorkor having a mental picture of where she wanted to be, chose science and to her father’s surprise, she came out of high school with flying colors. She was the best student selected by government. To cut a long story short, at the age of twenty four, she had her doctorate degree and has been one of the best female paediatrician in the country so far.

Immediately Ayorkor drove out of the hospital on Friday after work, she hit Adjeley’s line. Adjeley advised her not to worry because she had given her number to the engineer and would surely call to meet her. Ayorkor was thrilled.

She drove home, washed down and put on a dinner dress which looked beautiful on her slender and tall body. She stared at herself in the mirror for several times. She was very conscious of her beauty. Just as she was admiring herself, she heard a gentle tap on her door. She moved to the door knowing very very well it was no other person than her security guard. The security guard disclosed that there was a gentleman after her. She asked the guard a few questions about who that person could be. She was expecting a call from the gentleman Adjeley spoke about and so she wasn’t in the mood to entertain any visitor.
The description of the visitor by the security guard surprised Ayorkor. She knew not any gentleman with that description. More so, she wasn’t expecting any visitor that Friday evening. He ordered the guard to let whoever it was, into the house. She was curious to know who it was

Five minutes later, the security guard entered the hall with the visitor. Ayorkor ordered the security guard to go back to his post.

The gentleman was not bad looking at all.
He was five point five feet tall, dark in complexion and was about sixty Two kilograms in weight. His hair was decently trimmed. He had a cool coat on. Ayorkor welcomed him and offered him drinks.

“welcome gentleman but I don’t know you anywhere and I’m not expecting anyone this evening too. Can you tell me who you are?” Ayorkor said displaying a surprised look.

“I am Kobby. An engineer in the oil industry. Your friend, Adjeley gave me your number to call you so we can meet at Golden Tulips hotel but I insisted for your direction from her so I can pick you up. Special people like you deserve special treatment” the young man disclosed.

Ayorkor was more than thrilled. The guy was her dream man…

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