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Ayorkor - Season 1 - Episode 20
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Ayorkor read the message several times to make sure it was real. She got confused and scared for a moment. She reflected on everything Aaron’s parent said and realised the message wasn’t from a female. She recalled Aaron’s mother telling her she was the first lady their son had introduced to them in the name of marriage. She reasoned that someone closed to her was trying to pull her legs as well as frighten her.
More so, she had known Aaron for three months and the last thing the young man spoke about was women. He was a gentleman that wasn’t a womanizer. He was a decent doctor. Ayorkor remembered what Aaron’s secretary told her when they met. The lady disclosed to her that she was a very lucky woman if her boss had proposed to her. According to her, her boss was always busy with either work or male friends. There was not a single day her boss introduced a lady to her as his woman.

Ayorkor having recollected all this events, calmed herself from the earlier fear. She realised the message was from someone close who wanted to play pranks on her. Another thought also crossed her mind. What if it was Aaron that was trying to test her love for him. She was thrilled by that thought. She even giggled. If it was Aaron that was testing her love for him, then he failed because she was very much in love with him because he was a doctor and had a perfect personality.
She tried to figure out who was playing the pranks. She called the number several times but there was no answer. Aside Aaron, she suspected Two other people who were Steve the driver and doctor Anderson. Among the three men, the person she suspected hundred percent was doctor Anderson. She decided to use her own means to find out who sent the message. She didn’t really take it serious.

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Edem hit his hand hard on the wall a few minutes after Aaron had left his house. Before Aaron left, Edem tried all he could to make his partner see the sense in not going in for a woman. He explained that she would be a huge barrier between them but Aaron assured that his relationship and marriage with a woman won’t have any effect on their relationship but Edem wasn’t okay with it. He tried to remember Aaron all the promises they had made to each other never to make any woman come between them.
Aaron pleaded with Edem to bear with him because his parent’s were on his nerves to get a wife. Edem was not very happy with the response. He realised his partner’s mind was made up and nothing could change it. He therefore decided to use the hard way. He sent Ayorkor a threat immediately Aaron left. He bit his lips hard and decided to end Ayorkor’s life should she not heed to his warning. He went to the kitchen, opened the fridge and poured himself a glass of hard liquor and gulped it down his throat.
Back to the office on Monday morning, the first thing Ayorkor spoke about was the visit to Aaron’s parent’s house when doctor Anderson entered her office. She was bent on finding whoever was behind the message. He decided to ignore Steve the driver because she was not too sure he could do that. The response he received from doctor Anderson made her sceptical.

Her assistant was very happy to hear that Aaron actually took her to see his parents. What amazed him was the fact that the young man’s parent disclosed that she was the first lady their son had brought home. He congratulated her and advised her to change her mentality on love and profession even though she had gotten a perfect young man.
Doctor Anderson actually disclosed to Ayorkor that Aaron was a gentleman because he proved it when he first met him though he was scared the young man might behave the same way Ayorkor’s previous guys behaved because of her mentality. He was somehow convinced that the young man was real and ready to marry Ayorkor because he had taken her to see his parent’s. Ayorkor had wanted to disclosed to her colleague what someone had sent her but since she suspected him, she kept mute on the matter.

During lunch that day, she called her father to disclosed that she would come over during the weekend. Her old folks were very delighted because their daughter had been away for long. She told them to prepare well because she was going home with someone special…

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