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Ayorkor - Season 1 - Episode 21
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As the days went by, Ayorkor took Aaron to her parent’s house to introduce him to them as the man that wants to marry her. Her parent’s were delighted because it was their desire for their first child to get married. Ayorkor’s Two brothers being younger than her were all married which made her parent’s worried about her. Her parent assisted them in choosing a date for the engagement and wedding as well when Aaron’s parent went to Ayorkor’s parent’s to make an official proposal.
Naa Obieley, Naa Atswei and Dede fought over who was the perfect lady to be Ayorkor’s brides maid. Ayorkor had no intention of choosing herself because if she did, the other two would feel she loved the person she chose more than them. She gave them the opportunity to choose who they thought was perfect to be the brides maid for their friend. They fought till they finally agreed that Dede should be the brides maid since they all can’t be. Dede was Ayorkor’s favorite so she was happy they agreed on her. The wedding plans went faster than one could imagine. Ayorkor ignored the threat she received from whoever sent it and focused on her future with Aaron. Edem realised he was losing the battle gradually.

A few days to the engagement, Edem realized he was losing the battle and had to do something about it before it was too late. He was in no position to lose Aaron to Ayorkor. Aaron kept promising him that Ayorkor wouldn’t be a barrier between them but he was not convinced. He knew there was no way his gay partner would give him much time and attention if he tied the knot with the lady in question.

Lucky for him, he had photos of himself and Aaron doing nasty things. A new energy and happiness surged through his veins. He knew it wasn’t right for him to disclosed to people about his relationship with Aaron but he realised he had to do it to save his relationship. He was poised to end Ayorkor’s life if she sees the photos and still continued with the marriage.
Ayorkor was in the office with doctor Anderson busily discussing how the wedding reception would go. Her phone beeped several times. She tried to ignore the phone and focus on what they were discussing but the tone persisted. She reluctantly picked the phone from the desk and checked her messages. There were a lot of photos with a message attached to it. She didn’t give much attention to the message because of the conversation with doctor Anderson.

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She clicked on all the photos to download. She placed the phone back on the desk and focused on the conversation. Something caught doctor Anderson’s eye on the Ayorkor’s phone. He smiled and tried to make fun of Ayorkor. He didn’t see the photos well but what caught his eyes looked like a s-x chat. He asked Ayorkor when he started having s-x chat with Aaron. Ayorkor was puzzled at the question. What they were discussing was far from the question that was asked.

Seeing the puzzle look on Ayorkor’s face, doctor Anderson giggled and asked Ayorkor to check the messages she received. Ayorkor picked her phone and checked what her colleague was talking about. The first two photos that hit her eyes dazed her. She lost her balance and fell in her chair. Doctor Anderson was alarmed. He clicked on an emergency button on Ayorkor’s desk and within two minutes, two nurses entered the office.

They rushed Ayorkor to the outpatient department and administered first aid on her till she became conscious. Doctor Anderson stared at her looking very perplexed. He went back to Ayorkor’s office to find out what was sent to her. He picked the phone and to his surprise, there were photos of Ayorkor’s husband to be and another young man in a nasty act. Immediately you set your eyes on the photo, nobody will tell you doctor Aaron was gay.

Doctor Anderson checked all the photos. He scrolled up and read the message attached to the photos.

“I have tried all I could to let you know Aaron and I are in a serious relationship but you are too block headed to see. We promised each other not to let any woman to come between us but he is trying to break the promise because according to him, his parents are disturbing him to marry and not because he himself wants to marry. He has assured me several times not to worry because you won’t be a barrier between us but I don’t think so. He is mine and I am his. Just stay away from him if you love your life. You know the truth now. You have no excuse. If you ignore this warning, I will have no excuse to slit your throat with a broken bottle. I mean my words”

Doctor Anderson shivered after reading the message. He realised Ayorkor was in a serious mess. He went through all the messages that number had sent to Ayorkor. He was surprised to see so many threats from that particular number. Doctor Anderson wondered why Ayorkor had kept all those messages a secret. He just didn’t
understand why she did that.

He stared critically at the photos to see who the other guy was. Aaron’s face was very clear and obvious in the photos but the other guy’s face wasn’t shown in all the photos. He went back to the out patient department to see Ayorkor on her feet. She looked very sad. Doctor Anderson took her back to her office and asked her if she knew about Aaron being gay. She answered negatively. Doctor Anderson advised her not to worry because it could be that, someone was trying to destroy the image of Aaron.

Ayorkor took her phone and watched the photos well. They looked real. She felt devastated. Doctor Anderson had wanted to ask her why she had kept all those threats from him. He ignored the idea because he didn’t want her to know he had gone through her messages. He thought Ayorkor would disclosed everything to him but she didn’t She called Aaron to meet her during lunch that day because there was an emergency. The young man with concern in his voice asked if there was a problem. Ayorkor pleaded with him to meet her if he wants to know what was going on. Aaron agreed to meet her because he saw an urgency in Ayorkor’s voice. Ayorkor after talking to Aaron, pleaded with doctor Anderson to escort her to meet Aaron during lunch. He agreed to go with her.

It was lunch break and Ayorkor was seen sitting at a table in a restaurant with doctor Aaron and doctor Anderson. Ayorkor pretended nothing had happened. Aaron ordered for food and drinks for them to enjoy. Ayorkor kept staring at Aaron whiles they were eating. Being sceptical about Ayorkor’s stare, he asked what the problem was. Ayorkor kept staring at him. She took her phone and went through her gallery. She highlighted one of the photos and showed it to Aaron.

Aaron’s mood changed. He grabbed the phone from her and stared at it well. He was so angry that one could see it on his face. To the surprise of Ayorkor and doctor Anderson, he smashed the phone on the ground and hit his palm hard on the table.

“for how long have you been stalking me Huh? How can you be this stupid. Why must you stalk me. You know what, I am calling off this stupid marriage. I thought you were sensible but you just displayed your ignorance. After all it’s my parent’s that needs a wife not me. You can all go to hell for all I care” he hissed and angrily dashed out of the restaurant.

Ayorkor looked on in shock. She wondered where his calmness and gentle nature went to. Ayorkor glanced at her colleague and the look that met her was…
“change your mentality”

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