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Ayorkor - Season 1 - Episode 22
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Doctor Anderson picked up the pieces of the scattered phone from the tiled floor and dropped them on the table. People around kept staring at Ayorkor which made her feel very uncomfortable. Doctor Anderson realised it and took her out of the restaurant to the office. When they got to the office, Ayorkor pleaded with her colleague not to tell anyone what happened.

Doctor Anderson took the opportunity to advise the young lady to change her mentality about love and profession. She sighed wearily which gave doctor Anderson the notion that his advise was disturbing her ears. He left her in the office to be on her own if she won’t listen to advise.

Ayorkor left the office early that day because she was a social media freak and therefore couldn’t live without a phone. She ordered Steve to take her to Freddy’s Corner at Circle to get a phone. Steve became sceptical about the whole thing. He knew the phone his boss was using was in a good condition. It was the latest Samsung Galaxy S series.

Steve asked his boss why she needed a new phone. Ayorkor showed him the broken pieces of her phone. Steve frowned. He parked the car beside the road and inquired from his boss what happened. Ayorkor always disclosed to her driver what she does. She narrated everything to the driver. The driver had wanted to advised her to change her mentality about love and profession but he knew where the conversation would end and therefore kept his advice to himself. He was not surprised at what was happening to his boss.

Steve drove to a branch of Freddy’s Corner at Circle and bought the same phone and color. A few minutes after she had inserted her sim card, Dede’s call came through.
“hey girl, what happened to you today? I have tried your line several times but it was switched off” she said with concern in her voice.
“nothing happened to me. It’s my phone that broke down. I’m busy at the moment. I will call you when I get to the house” she assured and before Dede could say another word, she ended the call.

Ayorkor knew it was rude to hang up on someone who called no matter how rude the person was to you on the phone but she was not in a mood to talk much. She checked her messages and saw one from Dede telling her she had gotten a better place for her wedding reception. Ayorkor switched off her phone and sighed wearily. She thought of what to tell her friends and parent’s


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A call came through Steve’s phone and since it was wrong to talk on phone whiles driving, he connected the phone to the car’s audio system and answered the call. It was a call from his wife
“good evening sir, please is this Steve?” a lady’s voice asked gently.

Steve checked the screen to make sure it was his wife’s number. It indeed was.
“yes please, I am Steve. Where is my wife. I mean the owner of the phone you are calling me on?” he asked impatiently
“Sir please calm down. Your wife is the reason why I called you. She is at the Kaneshie Cocoa Clinic and you are needed here please” the voice replied him
“alright madam. I will be there in less than ten minutes” he assured and hanged up.
The conversation was loud and clear in the ears of Ayorkor

Steve totally forgot the presence of his boss in the car. He saw a traffic light and made a quick u-turn.

Ayorkor saw the urgency in the young man to get to the hospital to see what was wrong with his wife. She felt jealous and angry at the same time.

“hey Steve! Don’t you have manners huh? If you don’t want to lose your job, just take me home now” she hissed angrily. Steve became conscious of his environment.

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“I am very sorry madam. I even forgot you are in the car. My wife is in the hospital and I don’t know what is wrong with her. I dropped her at work before coming to pick you earlier today. She was perfectly fine. Please give give me a few minutes to check up on her” Steve pleaded with desperation in his voice

That even made his boss very jealous. She felt nobody cared about her like how her driver cared about his wife. She felt she was the boss and everything she would say was final. She became very bossy that moment.
“if you don’t want to lose your job, take me home now” Ayorkor ordered.
Steve located a parking space and parked the car. He switched off the ignition and turned to his boss who was at the back seat.
“if attending to my wife at the hospital will let me lose my job then so be it. You know what, get a husband and start a life.” he said angrily, got down from the car and slumped the door. He stopped a taxi and jumped into it. The driver drove off
Ayorkor sat in her car with her jaw dropped in shock. She never thought Steve would talk to her in that manner. She got down from the backseat and sat in front of the steering. She drove off feeling angry at herself.


Ayorkor drove to Demod. A popular hang out joint at North Kaneshie. She was totally confused in her mind. She didn’t know what to tell her friends and parent. She ordered for a bottle of Adonko bitters and before one could say Jack, she had consumed half of the wine. She became so drunk and weak. She didn’t even know where she was. She couldn’t move her body. She put her head on the table and started murmuring to herself.
Dede usually used the road in front of Demod to Tesano whenever there was too much traffic from Circle to Tesano. When she got to Demod, she decided to drop and drink a bottle of beer before moving on. She parked her car and got down. She spotted Ayorkor’s car parked in front of Demod. She smiled to herself because she was sure Ayorkor and Aaron were there having fun. She looked around to see if she could spot Aaron’s car. That was a dream. She wondered who Ayorkor was with. She scanned Ayorkor’s car before entering the restaurant. She looked around and saw her friend. Her head was still on the table. She as well saw the half bottle of Adonko bitters beside Ayorkor. She became alarmed

She rushed to where she was sitting and asked her why she was there alone. No answer came. Ayorkor lifted her head and smiled. She was so drunk that, she didn’t know what she was doing. She placed her head on the table again. She murmured some words to herself. Dede sceptically glanced around to see if she could locate Steve. When she realized there was no sign of him, she picked Ayorkor’s phone and called the young man. She called him because there was no way she could drive her car and that of Ayorkor’s at the same time.


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Steve was sitting beside his wife at the hospital when his phone rang. He checked and realised it was his boss calling. He showed it to his wife. He had already disclosed everything to the wife. He had no intention of answering the call but his wife advised him to answer the phone. He stared at his wife and shook his head. He had a weak spot for his wife. There was no way he could say no to her. He answered the call and put it on loud speaker.

“Steve, please stop whatever you are doing and come over to Demod right now. It’s very urgent” Dede said to him on the phone. The urgency in her voice told Steve and his wife that there was something wrong.
“Steve, are you there? Please talk to me” Dede said almost in tears when she realized there was no feedback from Steve though he had answered the call.

Steve ended the call without saying a word to whoever used his boss’s number to call him though he was sceptical about the call. His wife’s countenance changed. She frowned at him for not saying anything to the caller. The urgency in the person’s voice told her something was not right. She pleaded with her husband to go to the location the caller asked her to after rebuking him for not responding to the caller and also ending the call.

Steve stared at his wife for a while. He knew there was no way he could say no to his wife. He reluctantly stood up from the edge of the bed. He walked out of the ward without saying anything to his wife. He stopped a taxi in front of the hospital and jumped in. He found himself thirty minutes later. He spotted his madam’s car and stood beside it. He called her number and Dede answered without wasting time

Steve told her where he was and Dede went to pick him to where Ayorkor was seated with her head on the table. The look on Steve’s face told Dede that the young man and his boss were having a problem. He ignored her observations and pleaded with him to help her take Ayorkor to her car. Ayorkor was carried to Dede’s car. They created a scene which made people gossip about the boozed young lady.

Dede gave Ayorkor’s car keys to Steve to drive. She entered her car and zoomed off because people were staring at them. Steve did same. He followed Dede’s car to Ayorkor’s residence. The security guard at Ayorkor’s house assisted Dede and Steve in taking Ayorkor to her room. Dede took Ayorkor to the bathroom and washed her with cold water. She was taken to her bedroom to sleep. She was lost in her world.

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Dede joined Steve at the hall and asked him what happened that day. Steve narrated everything to Dede. She felt her friend went too far with what she did but didn’t let Steve know. She rather rebuked him for leaving his boss at the mercy of alcohol. They argued over the issue for a while. Steve left later when he realized Ayorkor was okay.

Dede was shocked to the bone at what Steve disclosed about Aaron. She still didn’t believe it. He had known the young doctor for sometime and nothing about him showed he was gay. She felt very sorry for Ayorkor. Dede called her husband and disclosed to him what had happened to her friend. Her husband advised her to take care of her.

Dede called Naa Obieley and Naa Atswei to disclosed to them what had happened to their friend. They couldn’t believe their ears…

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