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Ayorkor - Season 1 - Episode 24
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Ayorkor woke up having headache and feeling pains all over her body. She touched her head with a grimaced face and tried to recollect what happened the previous night but the headache blocked her sense of reasoning. She walked slowly to her dressing mirror and located some pain killers. She took two pills and dropped it into her mouth.

Ayorkor walked to the kitchen to get water. She met Dede in the kitchen preparing breakfast. She became sceptical about what was going on. She felt something went wrong the previous night but couldn’t figure out what it was because of the headache. Dede asked her if she was okay though Ayorkor’s grimaced face told her she wasn’t fine. Ayorkor disclosed that she was not fine because she didn’t understand what was going on that morning.
Ayorkor picked a bottled water and drunk a little to help the medicine she had chewed to work fast for her.
“Dede, why are you here in my kitchen this early morning. What is going on” Ayorkor inquired from her friend.
“Ayorkor, since when did you become a drunkard? Why must you drink yourself to death just because of a man. Huh?” Dede asked wearing a frown on her face.
Ayorkor just stared at her. She didn’t understand why she was being called a drunkard. Anytime she was out, the only thing hard she took was a bottle of her favorite beer and that was it

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“Dede can you please help me understand what is going on? I am not a drunkard. You and I know that” Ayorkor said and held her head again. She closed her eyes because the pain became severe.

“well, I guess the wine is still in your system so you can’t remember anything. Don’t worry. You will remember everything when the alcohol is totally out of your system”
Dede tried to make fun of her. She was at her usual best.

The pain killers did magic for Ayorkor. The headache seized which made her feel a little better. She took a cup of tea Dede had prepared. All of a sudden, the incident of the previous day rushed into her mind like a mighty rushing wind. She dropped the cup of tea on the kitchen cabinet and held it the support herself from falling because the incident almost dazed her.

Dede who was observing her from the corner of her eyes asked if she was fine. Ayorkor shook her head negatively. Dede realised her friend had remembered what was really going on. She held Ayorkor’s shoulders and tried to calm her nerves. Tears dropped from her eyes.
“this can’t be happening to me. What do I tell my parent’s? I am not shedding tears because of the b-----d but because of the disgrace he has left me in. You know we had barely two weeks to have our wedding and lots of family and friends have been invited. How do i tell them the wedding has been cancelled?” Ayorkor in despair
Dede felt her pain. She knew the guy had left Ayorkor in a serious disgrace. Her enemies would make mockery of the situation. Dede assured her not to worry because she would help her to get out of the mess. Just as they were brooding over the issue, they heard a gentle tap at the door. Dede walked to the door and opened. Steve greeted when the door opened and he stood face to face with Dede. She welcomed him and made way for him to enter the hall.

Ayorkor frowned when she sighted him. She never expected him to come back to his job after what he did and said to her the previous day. Ayorkor felt there was no need to continue working with Steve because he couldn’t take simple orders from her.

“what the hell do you want hear”
Ayorkor hissed to the surprise of Dede. She just didn’t understand what was going on between her friend and her worker.

“Ayorkor, please calm down and let’s settle whatever that had happened amicably. I don’t think being harsh to your worker is the best even if he is wrong”
Dede advised her friend but the look on her face told her she was not ready to listen to her

“Dede, do you know what this young man told me? What annoys me most is, he is just a common driver. An unprofessional work. He stood in my face and insulted me. This useless driver insulted my integrity”
she hissed again.

The anger in Steve kept boiling but he kept his cool. He actually had no intention of returning to the work but his wife wanted him to make peace with his boss and continue with the work. He tried all he could to make her understand that his boss was boastful and always looked down on his profession but she still convinced him to ignore her comments and continue working with her. She explained that it wasn’t because of money that she wanted him to continue working with the lady but she explained that she felt he had an important mission to accomplish in the life of Ayorkor. Steve knew it was her wife’s usual way of making her do what she wanted him to do.
Since the young man had a soft spot for his wife, he reluctantly agreed to go back and make peace with his boss and continue working with her.

“Ayorkor, please slow down. Do you know where I located you and your car yesterday? You wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for the help of your driver. He assisted me in bringing you home. If he was a bad person, I don’t think he would have come when I called to tell him to rush to the location I gave him”

“don’t worry madam Ayorkor. I am not here to work. I came by to let you know how sorry I am for my actions and words yesterday and also to check up on you. Thanks so much for accepting my apology”
Steve said and headed for the door but he was stopped by Dede.
“Steve please don’t leave. You guys should calm down and let’s talk about this thing once and for all. I don’t think it will be best if you leave” Dede pleaded with the young man. Steve stopped to see what would happen. He was not a bit comfortable with what was going on. It looked like he was begging to retain his job but that wasn’t so.

“Ayorkor, now tell this man to leave if you think he is not good enough. If you think there is a better driver out there than him, just tell him to leave”
Dede said to Ayorkor and waited for her reaction.

Ayorkor had a stern look on. She tried to be tough but Dede knew without doubt that she can’t tell Steve to leave…


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