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Ayorkor - Season 1 - Episode 26
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Ayorkor’s friends tried all they could to convince her to date again but her mind was made up. She was in no position to go in for another guy who would break her heart again. She invested her time on her profession and children.

Doctor Anderson was not too happy with her decision not to date again. He told her that it wasn’t the best option. He advised that the best option was for her to change her mind concerning love and profession but she would listen to non of it. She still stood her grounds that there was no way she would let someone with a bad profession date her.

One evening after work, she ordered Gideon to drive her to Amerley’s house so she could check on her and also find out from the little girl’s father, what he wanted to discuss with her.

Ayorkor and Gideon got along because the young man was very gentle and nice like Steve. He was humble and obedient to Ayorkor which made her like him. She secretly made plans for him to get a driving job with one rich man in her vicinity who had been disturbing her to get him a good driver to drive him. Because she was not sure where she could get a trust worthy and respectful driver, she kept telling the rich man to have patience for her.

Amerley’s father welcomed Ayorkor when the car stopped at the compound of his beautiful mansion. He asked Ayorkor why she had changed Steve. She disclosed to him what had happened to Steve. He felt sorry for his lost and pleaded with Ayorkor to let him drop by upon his return from his hometown to see him.

He took Ayorkor and the driver to the hall. Amerley jumped up when she saw Ayorkor. She hugged her with delight. Ayorkor held her in her arms and promised to take her to her house to spend the weekend there. Amerley couldn’t believe her ears. Her joy knew no bounds.

She asked Ayorkor who the guy she came with was and as well asked about Steve. Ayorkor explained things to her and told her Steve would be back in the following week since it was left with a week for his return. Amerley’s father took Ayorkor to his study to have a business chat with her. According to him, he had imported a fleet of buses for an intercity transport business but couldn’t continue with the transport business because his business in America needed his attention. He therefore had to relocate to America for quite a number of years to make sure things were done right in the company before he returns to Ghana. He decided to dash all the twenty buses to Ayorkor so she could do the business for herself.

Ayorkor advised him to find a trust worthy person to manage the transport business but Amerley’s father explained that there was no one he could trust. More so, it was a new business which needed much attention. Ayorkor tried all she could to make him get someone to manage it for him because she had no intention of going into transport business but Amerley’s Father’s mind was made up. He had no intention of continuing with the transport business. Ayorkor asked for time to think about it though her mind was made up. She wasn’t accepting the buses because transport business was something she had not thought of or had an intention of doing.

When Ayorkor was done talking to Amerley’s father in the study, she returned to the hall to see Amerley having a hearty chat with Gideon. She was not surprised because Gideon had a way of making people get along with him. He had a sense of humor that makes people laugh and happy when with him
Ayorkor got closer to them and hugged Amerley. She promised to pick her after work on Friday after work. To Ayorkor’s surprise, Amerley asked if Gideon would be around. She looked at her shoulders to see what Gideon’s mood was. He had a broad smile across his cheeks which meant a positive answer. He promised to be with Amerley though he had things to attend to.

“so tell me. What did you tell the little girl to make her so glued to you?”
Ayorkor inquired on their way home
“nothing really. I was real and natural. That is what my daughter used to tell me to do when she was…” he paused and focused his attention on the road.

Ayorkor realised for the first time that something was eating the young man up. She asked him several times what the problem was but he brushed the topic off and brought up a new topic which made Ayorkor laughed throughout the ride. Gideon dropped her home and left to his house.

Ayorkor decided to use the opportunity of Amerley’s request to dive into Gideon’s life to see what was wrong with him. She knew without doubt that behind his smiles, something was eating him up…

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