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Ayorkor - Season 1 - Episode 27
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“Madam Ayorkor, please where should I take you today. It’s weekend already”
Gideon said with a smile when Ayorkor joined him in the car from the office.

Ayorkor stared at the young man with perplexity. He knew very well what they were up to on that Friday evening yet he asked.

“Gideon, what are you expecting me to tell you huh? Have you forgotten our schedules for today?”
she asked with a stern look.

“sorry madam. I thought you’ve had a change of plans. Forgive my bad manners”
Gideon pleaded with a giggle.

“well, this should be the last time you will call me madam. Just call me Ayorkor”
she warned.

“madam, oh sorry Ayorkor, I will like to be called Gid Wot instead Gideon. Gid Wot is my Nicky. I prefer that one. It’s a plea not an order” Gideon said with a straight face which made Ayorkor giggled. She told him not to worry because she would call him whatever he wished.

Gideon drove Ayorkor to Amerley’s house to pick her. The seven year old girl was already prepared when they got to the house. The first person she hugged was the driver which made Ayorkor a bit jealous. Amerley later hugged her. Ayorkor spoke to the little girl’s father for sometime before they drove out of the house to Ayorkor’s residence.

Ayorkor had prepared a room for the driver because the initial agreement was for him to stay with them over the weekend but when they got to her residence, the driver made a move to leave. Ayorkor asked him if he had forgotten the agreement he had with the little girl. Gideon disclosed that there was something he had to attend to. Ayorkor frowned. She was sure Amerley would not be happy if she got to know the latest developments. She pleaded with the driver to stay because it was an agreement he had with the little girl. Gideon promised to return the following day. When she realized the young man had made up his mind, she informed Amerley about it and to everyone’s surprise, Amerley told the driver that, if he leave, she won’t talk to him again. She said that and rushed into the house in tears.

Ayorkor followed Amerley to make sure she was okay. She caught up with her in the hall and promised her they would have a great time together without him so there was no need for her to cry. Ayorkor wiped her tears with the back of her palm. She took her to the kitchen and took a bowl of ice cream from the fridge. Amerley was bewildered when she saw the ice cream.

Gideon cleared his throat for them to know he was around. Ayorkor and the little girl turned to see him standing at the entrance of the kitchen. They ignored him and concentrated on the ice cream.

“if nobody wants me around, I’ve got to leave now”
Gideon said and turned to leave.

Ayorkor and Amerley turned to see him leaving. Ayorkor signaled to the little girl to tell him to stop. Amerley rushed to hold his hands and told him not to leave.

“I knew you girls were playing pranks with me”
Gideon said and swept the little girl off her feet. She giggled loudly which caught the attention of Ayorkor. She stood at the kitchen entrance and stared at them

“Amerley, the ice cream is ready. Leave that guy and let’s enjoy our ice cream”
Ayorkor pretended to be mad at Gideon.

“Uncle Gideon, please join us for the ice cream” Amerley said with a stare at the young man’s face.

Gideon shook his head negatively. He played along. He explained to the little girl that Ayorkor won’t give him. Amerley turned swiftly to see the look on Amerley’s face. The little girl was not sure what the look on Ayorkor’s face meant.

“You better join the ice cream party in the kitchen before I change my mind”
Ayorkor said and dashed into the kitchen. Gideon put Amerley down and they walked to the kitchen. They had the ice cream and Amerley pleaded with Gideon to take her around the house.

Gideon wasn’t familiar with the house but because he wanted to know everything about the house, he agreed to take the little girl around. Ayorkor stayed in the kitchen to prepare dinner. She knew Gideon was fun to be with but looking at the way Amerley was glued to him, she wondered what the kid had seen about him.

Was it only the little girl that was glued to the young man? That was a big no! Ayorkor herself liked everything about Gideon. He was very welcoming and fun to be with. Aside that, he was very gentle and soft spoken. Ayorkor felt she was slowly fallen for him.

Dinner was served and they ate together happily. Ayorkor had wanted them to go out that evening to have fun but Gideon pleaded that it was late. Ayorkor agreed and warned him to take them everywhere in Ghana the following day. She said that on a lighter note and they all laughed.

When it was bed time, Ayorkor and Amerley went to Ayorkor’s bedroom and Gideon went to the room that was prepared for him. When Amerley fell asleep, Ayorkor thought about the feeling that was developing in her for Gideon. She was fallen very fast in love with the young man but what got her worried was her status as a doctor. The young man was just a driver which didn’t fall in the profession she wanted her man to do. More so, she knew without doubt that her friends would reject Gideon if she should disclosed to them her feelings for him…


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