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Ayorkor - Season 1 - Episode 28
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Ayorkor sipped the bottle of beer on the table and giggled. She was out having fun with Dede, Naa Obieley and Naa Atswei. All of a sudden, a guy in mechanic clothes entered the bar and sat on the adjacent chair. The three ladies stared at him like he had s--t on himself but Ayorkor saw him with a different eyes. He stood up from where she was sitting and joined the mechanic at his table. Dede, Naa Obieley and Naa Atswei stared at her with their jaws dropped in surprised.

Dede walked up to Ayorkor and blurted out at her. She asked her if she was going insane. Dede described the young man from hair to toe telling Ayorkor that she should stop fooling so they could leave. Ayorkor was not perturbed. She kept conversing and laughing with the young man as if her friends didn’t exist. Naa Obieley repeated who they were and their status to Ayorkor so she could come back to her senses. Ayorkor turned to face them.
“you can go to hell with your professions. To tell you what, you girls need to be schooled again because you have made what you learnt in school and profession taking over your heads. It’s high time you changed that mentality of yours. The fact that you had the opportunity to go to school, doesn’t give you any moral right to look down on people who are doing stuffs that you guys see as bad profession. You need to have a change of mind girls” Ayorkor said to her friends who felt their friend was going insane.

“this is ridiculous. Ayorkor are you going that low? Have you forgotten so soon about your…. I mean our morals and values in life? You barely know this thing of a man. You better stop playing games and let’s leave immediately” Dede advised

“Dede, you are very stupid. Oh yeah! You call the young man here ‘this thing’? May God forgive your hypocrisy and foolishness” Ayorkor hissed.

Naa Obieley, Dede and Naa Atswei exchanged surprised looks. They kept asking themselves if it was actually Ayorkor. An idea struck Naa Obieley’s mind.

“you know what Ayorkor. Choose between us and that thing” she said to Ayorkor.

“I will choose him any day and any time. You girls should find something better doing with your so called professional lives. I don’t need you anymore”
Ayorkor answered without blinking.

The three ladies looked perplexed more than ever. They just didn’t understand what was happening to their friend. It looked like the young man had bewitched her. Naa Atswei told Ayorkor that if she had chosen the mechanic over them, she can move on with her life but she should make sure she won’t come crying to them when things go wrong. They left Ayorkor and the mechanic at the bar. Ayorkor stared in the eyes of the guy and told him how much he loved him.

Ayorkor woke up suddenly. She looked around her to see Amerley sound asleep. She gave out a loud sigh of relief because she realised it was just a dream. She knew there was no way she would choose a guy over her wonderful friends. That was over her dead body. She glanced at the wall clock and it read half past one in the night. She took her phone and sent a message to the three ladies pleading with them to be at her residence in the morning because she had an important issue to discuss with them. She went back to sleep when she was done.

Ayorkor heard a gentle tap at her door. She opened her eyes slowly. She rubbed her eyes with the back of her palm. Amerley was still asleep. She glanced at the wall clock and it read ten minutes to seven in the morning. She stretched lazily on the bed before getting down. She walked slowly to the door and opened it.

There stood Gideon in only shorts. He had a perfect figure. His chest was broad and well built. His six packs was easily noticed by Ayorkor. His body told Ayorkor that he was a gym guy.

“good morning Ayorkor. Sorry for disturbing your sleep. I just want to know if you have a gym in this house please”
Gideon said with a smile which melted Ayorkor.

“oh sure! Yeah. That is the first building on your right from the entrance. The keys are with the security guard” she said to him.

Gideon thanked Ayorkor and left her. Ayorkor pulled her neck out of the room to have a better view of the driver. She watched him till he vanished. She was thrilled at his body. Anytime the young man was with her, she forgets about her standards. Love was stronger than profession whenever Gideon was in the picture. She had wanted to changed into training outfit and joined him at the gym but there were a lot of things she had to attend to before her friends shows up in the house.

She went back to the room and checked her phone to see if her friends had replied her messages. There was a reply from Naa Obieley telling her she can’t make it because she was going on a business trip with her husband. Dede’s reply also said she won’t be able to make it because she had to visit her parents in the village. She had a positive response from Naa Atswei. She sent safe journey to Naa Obieley and Dede. She called Naa Atswei and told her she would be waiting for her. Naa Atswei promised to be at her residence by eight in the morning. She quickly rushed to the kitchen and prepared breakfast for herself and her two guests.

When she was done serving breakfast on the dinning table, she went back to her bedroom. Amerley was sitting in front of the dressing mirror and was applying makeup. Ayorkor giggled when she saw how messed up the little girl’s face had become. Ayorkor asked her what she was trying to do and she disclosed that she was imitating her mother. She disclosed that the first thing her mother did every morning after waking up was to sit in front of the dressing mirror and apply makeup before going out.

Ayorkor blurted out in laughter. She asked Amerley to follow her so they could take a shower because there was lots of fun awaiting them. They met Gideon on the corridor. He had already taken his shower and was heading towards his room. He hugged Amerley and asked her how she was doing. She told him she was fine. He made fun of her when he saw the messed up makeup on her face. Ayorkor and the little girl went to the washroom whiles Gideon went to his room.

Naa Atswei was seated in the hall when Ayorkor came down from the upper floor with Amerley. Gideon later descended the stairs. Naa Atswei stared at Ayorkor sceptically when she spotted Gideon in the house that early morning.

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