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Ayorkor - Season 1 - Episode 3
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Ayorkor excused herself and went back to her dressing room. She made touches on herself and joined Kobby in the hall. The young man stared at her and smiled. Ayorkor was such a beauty. He couldn’t hide his observations.
“you are very pretty. I must confess”
he said with a grin.

“oh really? Thank you for appreciating me” Ayorkor said blushing.
“are you ready now? We will have a great time tonight. You will never forget” the young man said leaving Ayorkor in ecstasy.

“yes I’m ready. I just can’t wait any longer” Ayorkor giggled.

The two young people moved along like they had known each other for ages. Kobby moved closer to Ayorkor and held her left hand with his right hand. They walked side by side and exited the hall. They joined Kobby’s 4*4 car and drove out of the compound

The young man drove to Golden Tulips Hotel. They went to the restaurant of the hotel. Because it was a weekend, the restaurant was a bit crowded. Kobby located a cool corner in the restaurant and sat down with the young lady. Whiles they were trying to know each other better, a waiter attended to them and Kobby ordered for wine whiles Ayorkor ordered for ice cream as appetizer.

“the name is Kobby Simons. As you know already. I am an engineer in the oil industry. I have five mansions, five 4*4 cars and two saloon cars. I hardly buy saloon cars because they look small for my status”
the young man boasted.

“wow! I see. Well, I am also Ayorkor Nunu. A doctor by profession. Not just a doctor but a paediatrician that has children at heart. I love my profession”
Ayorkor disclosed and they both chuckled.

Ayorkor felt she was on top of the world because Kobby was very gentle and soft spoken. He was handsome, rich and on top of it all, he was an engineer. In her mind, she would do anything to have him for herself forever.

The waiter brought their order. The waiter served Ayorkor with the ice cream and opened the wine for Kobby. He filled the wine glass for the young man before leaving the table. Kobby gulped down the content of the wine glass.

He poured himself another glass. This time around, he made sure the glass was filled to the brim. He gulped it down his throat again. Ayorkor stared on in disbelief. She thought it was a movie or a dream.

“what is the alcohol content of the wine”
she asked a bit alarmed at the pace at which the young man was drinking.

“oh this is just twenty percent. I actually take fifty percent wine when I’m with my guys. You have no cause for alarm” he disclosed

Before she could blink, Kobby had finished the bottle of wine. He called the waiter to bring him another bottle though he was boozed. Ayorkor felt very embarrassed and frightened at the same time. She was frightened for her life because Kobby had to drive her home and looking at how he was drinking, she was not sure she would get to the house safe.

Embarrassed because, there she was in the middle of a crowdy restaurant with a drunkard.

Would she love to date him? Hell no! How can she date a drunkard. She knew how harmful alcohol was to the human system aside the physical aspect where he can crash with his car. She got angry with herself for not checking well who the young man was before following him to the place. She stood up and…

“Kobby or whatever you call yourself! To hell with you. I don’t want to see you in my house again. If you step foot at my door step, I will pour toilet mixed with urine on you! Drunkard” blurted out with everyone watching her. Kobby was so drunk that he didn’t know what was even going on. People murmured in displeasure due to Ayorkor’s words. Most of them were eaten..

Ayorkor walked out of Golden Tulip to the roadside. She stopped a taxi and entered without telling the taxi where she was going. The driver asked her where she was going but she ordered him to drive.

She called Adjeley on phone to inform her what happened. Her friend felt sorry for her. She gave her her location and asked her to come over so they could have fun together. Ayorkor told the driver to take her to Westhills mall.

The driver drove straight to Westhills mall without further questions. Ayorkor gave him two hundred cedis before getting down.

The driver thanked her and asked if he should wait for her. He realised her pay was good.

“don’t worry. I will keep long here. You can leave”
she said to the driver.

Ayorkor knowing where to locate Adjeley, left the car park and entered the mall. She boiled with anger…

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