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Ayorkor - Season 1 - Episode 6
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A few minutes after Ayorkor was done making up, a nurse entered her office and disclosed to her that there was a gentleman in the consultation room who insisted on seeing her.
“please tell the gentleman to go back and come after five in the evening. This is working hours”
Ayorkor said to the nurse

“Doc. he is actually here to seek for medication but insisted on seeing you”
the nurse clarified

“oh really? I thought he is just here to See Me. I will be there in a jiffy please”
she said to the nurse.

“okay Doctor”
the nurse responded and exited Ayorkor’s office.

Ayorkor grinned. She took the mirror from her bag and made sure she was looking good. She dropped the mirror into the bag and went to the consultation room. There were lots of people waiting to be checked by the doctor and nurses. Ayorkor scanned through the patients and spotted a gentleman in a fine coat. He was fine looking. He was fair in complexion. His hair was Afro but decent. His baby looking face added more handsomeness to his features. Ayorkor put on a smile as always to welcome the patients. Because the young man was first in the queue, he was called by the nurse to see the doctor.

“good morning doctor. You must be Ayorkor”
the gentleman said after sitting opposite Ayorkor.

“yes please. What is wrong with you sir?” Ayorkor said still smiling.

“I have a tummy upset due to a bad meal I ate yesterday. My friend’s wife insisted I see you because you are a good doctor”
he disclosed

“who could this friend of yours be. I mean what is the name of your friend’s wife”
Ayorkor inquired

“her name is Naa Obieley. I’m sure you are familiar with her” he answered.

“oh yeah. She is my b---m friend”
she said to him

Whiles they were talking, Ayorkor checked him and realised his illness wasn’t that serious. He wrote a prescription for him to go to the dispensary for drugs.

The young man who introduced himself as Okanta asked Ayorkor for her contact. She was reluctant at first but later gave the contact to him. He promised to call her so they could talk more later. Ayorkor checked the other patients and went to the little girl’s ward to see how she was doing. She was peaceful in her sleep. Work closed and she went home feeling exhausted.

Her phone rang but she ignored it out of tiredness. The caller kept calling till she got fed up. She picked up the phone and asked who it was because the number was a strange one. Okanta, the young man that visited the hospital earlier in the day showed appreciation to her for helping him. He explained that the medicine worked perfectly. Ayorkor grinned. She told him not to thank her because it was her duty to help the sick get better.

“would you mind if I take you to lunch tomorrow?”

Okanta asked her on the phone
Ayorkor played hard to get. The young man pleaded with her till she finally agreed. Okanta disclosed how happy he was because she had accepted to go to lunch with him.

“if you don’t take care I will change my mind”
Ayorkor joked.

“please don’t do this to me. I will see you tomorrow at midday. I’ve got one or two stuffs to attend to. I will get back to you later”
Okanta said.

Ayorkor agreed to meet him. The call ended. She stared at her phone having a grin on. She scrolled through her contact and called Naa Obieley to tell her what was going on. Naa Obieley advised her to hold him tight because he is a wonderful young man. Ayorkor showed appreciation to her friend before they hanged up on each other

Lunch with Okanta the following day went well. The young man was indeed a gentleman. The two young people introduced themselves properly to each other. Ayorkor got to know that Okanta was the branch manager of Darkuman branch of Ecobank. She as well got to know that he was single and was looking for a good lady to start a relationship with which would lead to marriage. She jokingly told him to keep searching because there were good ladies out there. Okanta giggled. He told her there was no need for him to keep searching because he had actually found the right and perfect woman that would bear his children.
Ayorkor knew what he was driving at but she intentionally asked who the lucky woman was. Just then, Ayorkor’s phone rang. It was a call from the office. She answered and was told to come back to the hospital because there was an emergency. She gnashed her teeth because she was enjoying the conversation with Okanta. He told the young man the new development. Okanta drove her back to the hospital and promised to check on her after work. Ayorkor showed appreciation to him for the wonderful threat that afternoon. Okanta promised that there was more to come if only she accepts his friendship. Ayorkor assured that they were already friends. She got down from the car and bid the young man good bye. She entered the out patient department of the hospital.

“d--n, this lady has got fine body and a-s. I have to get her on my bed at all cost”
Okanta said before moving the vehicle

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