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Ayorkor - Season 1 - Episode 7
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When Ayorkor was done attending to the patients, she called Doctor Anderson to her office to disclosed to him, what was going on between herself and Okanta the bank manager. Doctor Anderson was happy for her though he cautioned her to be careful about the young man

“Mr Anderson, this guy is different from the other men I have tried dating. He is gentle in everything. You should have seen how he treated me like a queen during lunch this afternoon. Oh my gosh, he is such a darling”
Ayorkor was in ecstasy.

“you can’t be so sure Ayorkor. Don’t be carried away by his first impressions. Please slow down with things and I bet you will know if he is real or having something sinister under his sleeves”
Doctor Anderson advised.

“Doctor Anderson, I am certain in my spirit that he is my husband. My days of waiting is over. Very soon, I mean very soon, I will be called Mrs. He is a bank manager and I am a doctor. What a beautiful combination”
Ayorkor said with a grin.

Doctor Anderson explained to her that he was happy for her but only telling her to be careful because she knew not much about the young man in question. Ayorkor pretended to have taken the advice from her colleague. In her mind, she would do what pleases her. Doctor Anderson left the office to attend to other things.

Okanta picked Ayorkor from the hospital after work to a restaurant for dinner. He called her earlier and she agreed to have dinner with him. She left her car at the hospital because Okanta promised to drop her in the house and pick her to work the following morning. The two young people had a beautiful time in the evening. The young man dropped Ayorkor at her home. Ayorkor entered her room, full of praise to her friend, Naa Obieley for giving her such a wonderful young man. She entered the shower and washed down. She told herself that she had washed away her past. She was now a happy person.

Meanwhile, Okanta called his girlfriend named Efya Mobrogye to meet him at the junction he usually picked her. He got to the junction, picked her and drove to his house.

It was Wednesday morning and Ayorkor as usual was prepared for work. She heard a car horn outside the house. Knowing who it was, she took her stuff and went to her compound. The gate man had already opened the main gate. Okanta drove in. He got down, hugged Ayorkor and pegged her cheeks. He opened the front passenger side of his car for the doctor to enter. She entered the car, having a wide grin on her face.

“we are going to have breakfast before taken you to the office. Please don’t protest”
Okanta said before starting the ignition.

Ayorkor took a quick glance at her wrist watch. There was a little time on her side. She usually had breakfast at the office but she decided to try something new. Okanta without hesitating, took her to a Porsche restaurant like that of the previous night. Ayorkor was amazed at the beauty and set up of the place. She usually went out to have fun with her friends but never had they discovered such a beautiful place of eatery. She enjoyed the morning meal too. Okanta drove her to the hospital.

“thanks for the beautiful treat. I just love everything about the restaurant”
she was thrilled

“if you agree to marry me, you will have more of such treats. All you have to do is to say yes to my proposal”
Okanta said with a grin.

“you have to give me a little time to think. I need to put myself together from my past experience” Ayorkor pretended. She was just trying to tell the guy that she wasn’t cheap. Deep within, she was screaming yes! yes!! yes!!

“how about taking you to my place so you can see where I live after work today?”
Ayorkor was already out of the car before the question came.

She leaned on the window and thought for a while.

“count me in. See you after work”
she said and left him in the car to the hospital. Okanta grinned before leaving the hospital premises.

Ayorkor entered her office with renewed energy. She was on top of the world because Okanta was treating her like a queen. She put on her over coat and went to the wards to check up on all the admitted patients, particularly the girl she operated on. To her delight, the little girl was getting better and better by the minute.

She sat beside her on the bed and asked her how she was doing. The girl replied positively that she was doing fine. Ayorkor told her a funny story and she smiled all through the story. A nurse entered with the girl’s breakfast. Ayorkor advised her to eat. She as well promised to get back to her later. She was so fond of the little girl because according to her parent, she was their only child. Ayorkor left the ward to her office.

Doctor Anderson entered the office having a broad smile across his cheeks. Ayorkor grinned when she saw his smiling face. She asked him what had made him happy that early morning. He disclosed that the little girl’s parent had promised to take five staff of the hospital to Dubai for shopping because the hospital had saved their only daughter. Ayorkor brushed off the topic and dropped the topic of Okanta and herself. Doctor Anderson sighed wearily…

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