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Ayorkor - Season 1 - Episode 8
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“don’t tell me you are not happy for me”

Ayorkor asked her assistant. She was a bit surprised with his attitude anytime she raised the issue of Okanta the bank manager.

“oh dear, please don’t get me wrong. I’m only cautioning you to be careful with him. I think I would have to repeat myself over and over again. Love has got nothing to do with profession. Well I am very sorry if you got me wrong”
Doctor Anderson said to her.

“must you bring up this love and profession again?. If love has got nothing to do with profession then why didn’t you marry a market woman instead of marrying an accountant. You don’t want me to enjoy what you are enjoying right?”

“Ayorkor, Ayorkor! How many times must I tell you I never married my wife because she is an accountant. Well for your information, I married her when she didn’t even know which course to read in the university. I married her because she is a wonderful woman. She brings me joy and peace. I will marry her again and again in the next world. I didn’t marry her profession. I married her personality”
the assistant doctor disclosed.

“the last person I will like to marry is someone without a good profession. That is what I want and I always get what I want in life. Since my childhood till date, I get what I want and I know I will get someone with a good profession to marry. As for the masons, tailors, drivers, factory workers, hawkers etc, they shouldn’t dare cross my path. How will my friends even See Me if I go in for a low class person”

“can we change this topic please”
Ayorkor pleaded

“no problem madam doctor”
Doctor Anderson replied.

The two doctors spoke about how fast the little girl was responding to treatment before the male doctor left the office of Ayorkor.

The young lady thought about the advise his colleague gave him for a while. Her mind became so certain that there was no way Okanta would do anything to hurt her feelings. He was real. The more she thought of him, the more she fell in love with him.

The day went to an end and as Okanta promised, he drove to the hospital to pick Ayorkor. He drove to the same restaurant they had breakfast in the morning to have dinner before taken her to his house. The house was a six bedroom house with everything one could ask for. Ayorkor gasped for breathe when she dropped down from the car. Though it was dark, the compound was well lighted. It was a beautiful house. Okanta led her to the hall. It was one of a kind. The place was perfectly furnished. The floor tiles, the window curtains and the color of the sofas matched perfectly. Ayorkor complimented him for building such a beautiful house. Okanta showed her the shower in case she would want to shower and his bedroom. He left her to go round the house herself.

She checked the kitchen. Everything a woman would ask for was in the kitchen. She was wowed with the environment. She heard splashing of water from the bathhouse. She called out to Okanta and asked if he was the one in the shower. The young man answered positively and asked if she would like to join him. He disclosed that there was warm water to massage and calm her nerves from stress. She became curious. She entered Okanta’s bedroom, changed into shots and joined the young man in the bathroom.

They went to the bedroom after washing down. Okanta pleaded with Ayorkor to pass the night at his place.

“oh no! I have to be at work latest by seven in the morning. Even if I pass the night here, where will I get clothes to wear for work tomorrow?”
she said to him

“Don’t worry Ayorkor. I’ve got you covered. I will take you to your house tomorrow morning at exactly five in the morning so you can dress. I will then take you to the office Immediately. You don’t have to worry about anything when I am around you”
Okanta assured.

“well, if you say so, I hear but no funny move”

“don’t worry dear. I am not like the other men”

Ayorkor switched on the bedroom television to watch her favourite Asian TV series titled Kumkum Bagya on DSTV. She sat on the bed whiles Okanta lied on the bed. The young man stared at her for a while. Ayorkor was focused on the series. She tried to get the young man along but he was the football type and not the telenovela type. Okanta tried to figure out how he could sleep with Ayorkor that night. An idea flashed through his mind. He decided to give it a try.

Because Ayorkor’s back was facing him. He crawled on the bed to the edge where the lady was sitting and tickled her. Her adrenaline moved like the speed of light and responded to the tickle. Okanta laughed out loud at her. She decided to retaliate. The young man pretended not to allow her. He dodged on the bed till Ayorkor grabbed him. She tickled him but his body didn’t respond like hers. They kept tickling each other till their eyes locked.

She didn’t make any attempt to object when the young man tried to kiss her. That gave him the go ahead. He kissed her passionately. Ayorkor couldn’t hold herself back. She responded to the kiss. Okanta’s hands roamed her body which made her more turned on. They ripped off their clothes and… I guess you know what happened next.

Ayorkor was driven to her house in the morning. She dressed and was taken to the office by the young man. She felt on top of the world because of the previous night experience. She loved it and would want to do it over and over again. She decided not to tell Doctor Anderson because she wasn’t ready to be lectured on what is good and bad.

Ayorkor smiled throughout the day at work. Doctor Anderson, knowing what was making her smile decided not to ask. The little girl was discharged that day. She thanked Ayorkor for saving her life. Since the little girl had grown fond of Ayorkor, she pleaded with her to visit her in the house. Ayorkor promised to visit her whenever she was free. She was taken away by the parent.

Ayorkor met her friends as usual during the weekend and disclosed to them how Okanta was treating her like a queen. They were so happy for her.

Ayorkor’s friendship with Okanta grew stronger and stronger without her knowing he was only using her…

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