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Ayorkor - Season 1 - Episode 9
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Okanta was very good at the game and therefore knew how to play his cards well. He treated Ayorkor so well. Ayorkor fell for his lies and accepted to marry him though the young man had no intention of marrying her. Two months down the line, Ayorkor one Saturday evening decided to surprise Okanta in his house with a gift. They were more than lovers and did most things together so she given him a surprise visit was normal.

Along the way, her car developed a fault. She tried all she could to fix it but all to no avail. She called the garage that serviced her cars to informed them about her faulty car and her location. The car was towed to the garage and since it was a few minutes to five in the evening, she was told her car would be fixed on Monday which was the following week. She was cool with it because she trusted the garage. Also, she had an extra car to her credit. The garage manager promised to service the car and deliver it to her at her office on Monday afternoon. She picked a taxi to Okanta’s gate.
She dropped from the taxi after paying the driver. She knocked at the door and the security guard in the house opened the door. Ayorkor entered after greeting him.

“how are you King”
Ayorkor asked the security guard. King was his name.

“I dey ooo madam. Just that my pocket make dry small” King said with a grin.

“you never cease to amaze me. I hope your master is in”
she said whiles going through her bag.

“yes please. He has a visitor so he is around” King disclosed.

Ayorkor handed to him two notes of the fifty Ghana cedis. The security guard almost bowed to her. He was full of praise to her.

“my master brings must of his office ladies here but you are the best. All of them are stingy except you”
he disclosed.

Ayorkor became a little alarmed but made sure the security guard didn’t see it.

“what did he tell you about me”
Ayorkor asked with a smile. She created an atmosphere where the security won’t suspect she was making an investigation.

“he told me you are his personal secretary. He comes home with most of his work colleagues. Most of them are ladies” he replied

“yeah it’s true. I am his personal secretary. We are to meet in his house today so more people will join us later”
Ayorkor lied. She realised for the first time that Doctor Anderson was actually right about the bank manager having something under his sleeves.

She thanked him for the information. He also showed appreciation to her for the money. Ayorkor left the security post. She walked to the entrance of the main hall. Since the security guard was out of sight, she stood there for a while. She thought hard about the information she was given. Two ideas ran through her mind. The first idea was to ran into the room and blurt out at him. The second was to steal herself into the room and see what was going on. She might probably be wrong in her thinking. She decided to go with the second idea.

She opened the door slowly and carefully entered the hall. There was nobody in the hall. She checked other places like kitchen and bathroom but there was nobody there. She decided to go upstairs to check the bedrooms. A m0an hit her ears from one of the rooms when she got to the first floor. Fear gripped her innermost being. She realized she had been used. She tiptoed to the door to the room where the m0an came from. She turned the knob slowly and to her luck, the door opened. It wasn’t locked.

The scene that hit her eyes was an eye sour. Okanta was on top of a lady and banging the hell out of her. The lady was enjoying every minute of the t----t and was m0an!ng very loud. They were in a different world and didn’t even notice there was an intruder in the room. They kept enjoying themselves
Ayorkor screamed the name in tears.

Okanta turned and was very surprised to see Ayorkor in the room he jumped down from the bed. His manhood was still hard. He glared at her angrily. Ayorkor saw a flame of anger in his eyes but ignored it.

“Okanta, so this is what you have been doing. You have been lying to me all this while”
she said amidst tears. The other lady covered her nakedness with the bedspread and stared at them looking very confused.

“just shut the hell up! Why must you intrude on my privacy. Don’t you have manners? Just get the hell out of here before I do something nasty to you”
Okanta said angrily.

“honey, just look at this lady. She says I should marry her so I can take charge of all her father’s wealth. I told her I’m not interested but she keeps disturbing me. I don’t know why my security guard gave her the opportunity to enter my house”
Okanta said to the lady on the bed. The lady stood up and cleared her throat.

“so of all the men in the world, you couldn’t see any of them aside my man right? Interesting. Some ladies are not ashamed at all”
the lady said to her

“Eeeiiii Okanta, is that what… ”
tears chocked her.

“you don’t even know what to say. Such a shameless lady. Okanta, try and give her a good f--k. I think that is what she needs” the lady said and went back to the bed giggling.
“honey I have done that already. I think she wants more”
Okanta disclosed.

“let her join us on the bed so we can have a threesome. I don’t care sharing my man with a lady who needs help”
the lady said with a giggle

Ayorkor ran out of the room in tears. Okanta joined the lady on the bed. Ayorkor cleaned her tears and made sure the security guard won’t know she had been crying. She felt so ashamed for throwing herself to the young man. His words hurt her deeply. Those were words she never expected from the young man. He was so caring, loving, gentle and everything.

She put her emotions in check before getting to the security guard. He asked her why she was leaving so soon. She disclosed that something came up which she had to attend to. The gate was opened for her and she hurriedly got out of the house to avoid more questions from the security guard. She picked a taxi and directed the driver to where she was going. She was dropped in front of her gate and knocked. She was opened and her gateman was surprised she came home without her car. He inquired out of curiosity. Ayorkor disclosed to him that it was faulty and was at the garage. She rushed to her room and locked herself up. She la!d on the bed and her eyes gave way to the tears she had held on to.

She felt used and disgraced. She called Naa Obieley to disclosed to her what the young man had done. Naa Obieley was very surprised. She knew the young man very well. He was a good man and couldn’t believe her friend. She drove to Ayorkor’s house…

Love and profession… More to come

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