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Blemished Love - Season 1 - Episode 11
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‘Grissel please wait. I said I’m sorry.’ Tom said rushing down the stairs to meet her up.

She was already late for work and doesn’t need another plea from her husband who came home last night drunk.
‘I know you are sorry but I’m late now and do not want another argument. Breakfast is in the microwave.’ She announced walking towards the door.

‘Thanks, but can we do lunch later.’ He managed to say.
‘Sure we can do lunch when I’m free.’
‘That’s my girl.’ He smiled walking to her when she suddenly closed the door behind her.
Tom only heard the gate open and her car horn blaring loudly. That’s a signal for him to get the gate closed.
‘Gosh, I need a d--n security.’ He told himself heading to the kitchen for his breakfast.

He was expecting Grissel to wake him up when she was doing her rounds but it appears she was still angry hence he would be late for work. Tom hissed and picked up his Oat bowl from the microwave and luckily it was still warm. He checked the covered saucer and realized it was sausage which he dislikes and Grissel knew that.
He fished out his phone and dialed her number which she picked up on the first ring.
‘Tom I’m driving, let me call you back once i….’ She was saying when he cut her off.
‘You know I don’t like sausages.’
‘Oops sorry. Kindly get an egg boiled or fried.’ She was saying again when he hanged up.

He shook his head and walked away with his Oat. Tom is too lazy that he couldn’t even boil water to talk of frying an egg.

Today is the first Monday they were both reporting to work after their honeymoon leave. Even when they had added a week of their previous years piled up off days to their mandatory leave period, it was still not enough as they wished it never came to an end.


‘Mr. Addison, a word in my office.’ The new CEO Stella Medt called Tom over the intercom into her office.
‘On my way.’ He responded and hanged up.

Mr. Medt who entrusted the managing of the company to Tom for a whole year while he recuperate decided to let her daughter handle things with the help of Tom.
Tom hates to be called by his father’s name. He had a chance to change it but his aunt wouldn’t agree.

He quickly dropped his file and walked out. That was the second time he’s being summoned into the CEO’s office since he reopened that morning but couldn’t meet her the first time.

Tom knocked lightly and entered as the label on the door indicated knock and enter. His face lit up when he entered. Stella was seated in her swivel chair with her black shades.
He walked to her table and stood in front of her. Stella’s gaze was still on what she was doing on her laptop hence ignoring him.
‘Hello, you asked to see me.’ He waved his hands to grab her attention.
‘You can have a seat.’ Stella announced after a few minutes still with her attention fixated on her laptop.
‘Thank you and you are officially welcome to the company.’
‘My dad left you in charge right?’ She asked dismissing Tom’s welcome address with her face up now. She adjusted herself and took off her shades.
Tom smiled and was just staring at her.
‘You are charming.’ He said quietly instead of answering her question.
‘What did you say?’ Stella asked when she saw his lips went apart quickly.
‘You called for me?’ He asked to cover up the foolish grin on his face when he realized he hasn’t heard her question.
‘Are you the man to see regarding management?’
‘Yes, I’m the Managing Dir….’
‘So why were you not here to help when I sent a notice I would be taking over.’
‘I apologize but I was on leave for my wedding and I just resumed today.’
‘So? How is that supposed to be my problem when you have the information’s I need.’ She sternly queried. ‘I expect you to be around when I got here.’
Tom frowned. ‘My leave was approved by HR and they haven’t complained I did anything wrong so I d….’
‘Do you still love your Job?’ She interrupted.
‘Of course, I have sacrificed myself for this job since I turned twenty-four.’ The smile on his face disappeared as he doesn’t like her earlier question.
‘So you’ve been working for six years, if what I read on your file was correct.’
‘Yes.’ He focused on her face as she didn’t budge earlier when asking the question.
‘I don’t think you are qualified for this job.’ She took off her gaze. ‘So from now on you would handle what I tell you to.’
‘I beg your pardon.’ His forehead drew a contour line as he fumed. ‘To the best of my knowledge I get my job done perfectly and cover all my hours so why I’m I being stripped of my role.’
‘Oh you still got your Job title, office and whatever you are entitled to at the end of the month.’ She grabbed her shades and put it back on.
‘I just don’t understand how you could just walk in here and change things, no offence by the way.’
‘Watch how you talk to me in here Mr. Addison.’

‘The name is Tom. Just Tom,’ he managed to say with a confused state.
‘Well, we are done here. You can go now.’ She announced while focusing on the laptop.
Tom just relaxed on the chair staring at her as if he was waiting for another explanation.
‘I said you can go.’ She thundered with her face up from where she kept it earlier.
Tom stood up almost near tears and walked out fuming. He met his P.A on the way who run after him to inform him about Grissel but he waved his hands in the air indicating he doesn’t want to hear any of it.

He [email protected] the door after he walked in and didn’t recognize Grissel sitting on the couch at the far right corner while he faced the door fuming.

‘Who does she think she is? Is it because I’m black?’ He kept fuming while hitting his leg on the door.

‘Tom are you okay.’ He heard the next voice and turned around.
‘I thought I said I don’t want to see anyone.’ He yelled out before facing her.
Grissel who was walking over paused in the middle of the room still holding the lunch box she brought.

‘What’s going on? You just yelled at me.’ She asked with a confused stare.
‘Can you leave Grissel? I don’t have the patience to argue with you now.’
‘Okay but I brought Lunch.’
‘I lost my appetite. Take it along with you.’
‘But why are you askin….’
‘I said not now Grissel.’ He yelled.
‘Alright.’ She said when she felt the bitterness in his voice.
Grissel held on tightly to the lunch box and walked out. She got to her car and shed a tear.
‘Is this about this morning and the sausage instead of egg?’ She asked herself when her phone rang.
‘Just in my desk. I’m on my way back now.’ It appeared she was talking to her colleague. She dropped the phone and drove away.


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