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Blemished Love - Season 1 - Episode 12
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‘I don’t want to do this again. That wasn’t fair and you know it.’ Stella said from her end to the caller uncomfortably.
‘I’m sorry but I will make it up to you.’ A voice answered from the other end.
‘I know that but why are you even doing this in the first place.’ She asked regrettably.
‘I already told you Stella, he stole my dad’s money and I want him to pay.’
‘Yeah you told me but the Tom I met this afternoon doesn’t seem to me like a swindler.’

‘You met him for how many hours and you know him already.’

‘Just briefly but I could tell he is genuine and can’t he pay you back.’ She tried to reason with her friend over the call.

‘I don’t want payment, I just want to hurt him where it hurts.’ The voice replied yet again.

‘This is petty.’ Stella muttered.
‘I know but you owe me so just hang in there for me.’
‘Alright, see you later’ Stella said and hanged up.

She hissed and called out to Tom’s P.A.


Tom was pacing around in his office when his phone rang. He ignored and decided to pick up on the second ring.
‘Aunty can I call you back.’

‘Okay but I just wanted to know if you are enjoying your lunch.’
‘What lunch?’
‘Aren’t you at your wife’s office canteen?’

‘OMG,’ he exclaimed and hanged up.
Grissel who agreed on lunch that morning actually got a surprise delivery from Tom’s aunty. That was the main reason why she came over to his office instead of calling her husband to meet him at their lunch center.

Tom suddenly remembered his behavior earlier towards his wife and picked up his suit and car keys. He rushed out of his office while dialing her number without success.
Grissel on the other hand parked at a restaurant just five minutes’ drive away from her work place and got herself some pastries and drink. She sat in her car while eating in tears. Earlier she lied to her mother in-law about the lunch.
‘Is marriage this difficult?’ She asked herself with her mouth full of pastries and her eyes filled with tears.
‘Maybe he has a problem at work.’ She encouraged herself. ‘But that doesn’t explain why I should be the one to bear his anger.’
She continued to talk to herself until she finished her snacks and drove away.
Tom kept violating traffic rules in order to catch up with Grissel as she already called her office and learnt she wasn’t yet back. Lunch time was probably already over but he had to make it somehow.

He was still on top speed veering off the road and careful not to get caught as was a forty-five minutes’ drive to her office.


Grissel realizing she had no work left at the office when she went in decided to get her lunch heated in the canteen.

With all smiles she was enjoying her meal and reading a magazine when she felt a tap on her shoulders.

‘Hey, you startled me.’ She said struggling to swallow the food and reaching out for the water in front of her.

Henry quickly got the water and opened it for her.

She hurriedly gulped it and smiled. ‘What are you doing here Henry?’
‘How are you?’ He asked smiling.
‘Forgive my manners, I’m okay.’ She replied dropping the water bottle.
‘That’s good to hear.’

She focused on her meal while Henry stared. Grissel wasn’t that close to Henry because Melisa was always giving her attitude. It was always greetings among them but Melisa and Julia knew Henry was in love with Grissel.
Melisa always thought Grissel was too naïve to notice someone in love with her but Julia thought she was just so much in love with Tom that she couldn’t see another man all over her.

‘You must really be enjoying that a lot.’ He said to her breaking the silence.
‘You can say that again. This is exactly how my husband loves his chicken and fries.’
‘Then it’s a shame he’s missing it.’ Henry replied.
‘I know right. His aunty actually made this for us but he ……’ She was saying and paused feigning a smile.
‘He what?’ Henry sensed some hesitation in her voice and the glow she always had on her face wasn’t there anymore.
‘Nothing, it’s all good. The two shall become one so I’m eating on his behalf.’ She answered sadly.
‘Are you sure you are okay,’ He asked reaching out for her hand unconsciously but quickly pulled it back before Grissel could raise her head from staring at her plate.
‘Yeah but you still haven’t told me why you are at our firm today. Do you and Melisa need a court wedding?’ She asked smiling.
‘That’s not possible and for the record Mel and I are just friends.’
‘Friends with benefit.’ She concluded for him.
‘That’s fine if you put it that way but I’m in need of a divorce lawyer.’ He blurted out.
‘Divorce lawyer?’ She asked confused while taking a bite on her last piece of chicken.
‘Not for me though.’
‘Okay because I know you are not married.’
‘Yeah but a friend is in love with a married woman.’
‘Oh really and she’s agreed to get that divorce to be with your friend?’
‘No but I’m sure once he assures her of his love for her she would.’ Henry muttered staring at her naïve face.
‘That’s weird but I can recommend a good one for you.’ She dropped the chicken bone and switched to the hand cream by the table napkin.
‘I was hoping you could because I heard you worked some years back on such cases.’
‘Yeah I did but not anymore, it was just a few cases I handled. Now I handle custody cases.’
‘Alright I will take your recommendation then.’ He smiled.
‘First floor, room ten. Just ask of Mrs. Edwards.’
‘Thank you, do you want another meal because you keep staring back at the empty plate.’

‘Only if it’s this good like my mother-in laws.’ She joked.
‘I’m sure the food here is okay, fries again or salad.’
‘You are not serious right?’
‘I am Grissel. You look unsatisfied.’
‘Thanks but seriously I’m okay. I’m just sad Tom isn’t here to enjoy with me today.’
He feigned a smile and tried to adjust himself on the chair when his eyes fell on Tom lurking around. He wasn’t sure if he had seen him with his wife but he knew he had to thread carefully as to win Grissel.

Tom arrived about ten minutes earlier and was told from her office, she was still at lunch so he quickly came to the canteen and has been wondering how long Henry and his wife has been chatting. He decided to wait around.
‘Grissel I think I should go talk to that lawyer now.’ He said standing up.

‘Alright, thanks for keeping me company. I actually don’t have much left so I would stay around for a while.’ She chipped in smiling.
‘All the best for the day.’ He waved and left using the other exit.

Grissel packed up the lunch box and picked up her water gulping it when Tom sat in front of her.


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