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Blemished Love - Season 1 - Episode 17
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‘I didn’t think you would be coming to bed anytime soon today.’ Tom reached out for the bed light.
‘Gosh, you scared the hell out of me.’ Grissel thought he was already asleep.
‘What is going on with you Grissel?’
‘Why do you say that?’ She asked while slipping herself under the duvet.
‘You’ve been quiet and different towards me for some weeks now.’
‘This isn’t about you Tom.’
‘Then talk to me. Are you okay?’
‘I’m fine, just some work stuff.’
‘Which has something to do with me?’
‘I didn’t say that. We had a disagreement and that’s different from my work problems.’
‘Okay, I know we agreed we keep our work problems out of our marriage but if I can help…..’
‘You can’t help Tom.’
He nodded.
‘But can I at least hold my wife tonight.’
‘Emmm, not until you apolo….’
‘I’m sorry for reacting that way on Sunday.’
‘Good, I’m more offended about the fact that you didn’t make it to service.’
‘That I’m sorry about too.’
‘Tom we are too young in this marriage to start having this petty disagreements.’
‘Arguments are normal Grissel.’
‘I know that, except you get unnecessarily angry over nothing.’
‘I do that?’ He asked staring at her.’
‘It won’t happen again.’ He reached out for her hands and Grissel smiled leaning over for a kiss.
Tom had a feeling Grissel was worried over something she has no plans of talking about.


‘That was a great turn out.’
Dane said behind Melisa who was standing on the balcony of his house where they had Dani’s party.
‘Yeah, I love your little girl.’
‘You do?’
‘She’s a sweet girl. See how happy she is rocking her eighth year party.’ Melisa gestured towards Dani.
‘I’m glad you think she’s sweet.’
He smiled at her.
‘What’s that smile for?’ She enquired.
‘Nothing, I’m happy you made this happen for her. I wanted to take her out for a simple dinner like I always do but my Dani wants a big party for a change this year.’
‘A girl knows what she wants.’ She muttered.
‘I can tell. Dani can be persuasive at times.’
‘Why did you change your mind then?’ Melisa asked.

‘At first, I refused until I saw you at the waiting area that morning then I changed my mind.’

Melisa glanced at him.

‘You changed your mind because you saw me. How, why?’
‘Well nothing really, I was fascinated about your ranting. You defended JJ’s Events so well. I looked you up that’s how I got your number.’
‘Did I?’ She asked embarrassed.
‘I would have done the same thing if I were in your shoes.’
‘I’m sure I made a fool out of myself.’
‘If you hadn’t then I wouldn’t have met you to give my Dani this awesome party.’
‘I see.’
‘What exactly do you see beauty.’
‘Beauty?’ She repeated much comfortable around him now.
‘Yes, no one ever told you how beautiful you are?’
‘That would be my dad.’
‘Daddy’s girl, I guess.’
‘Kind of.’ She replied, waving Dani who was playing with her friends.
‘Let me just cut the pretense here.’
‘Pretense?’ She muttered.
‘You do know I like you right?’
Melisa fixed her eyes on him.
‘Oh come on, you must have known that was the reason I asked you all the way down here.’
‘So you didn’t ask me here because of the party?’
‘That’s also part but I like you and my daughter seems to like you too so…..’
‘So you figured I should be her next mom?’
Danes face suddenly went pale.
‘Sorry, did I say anything wrong.’ Melisa quickly took her words back.
‘No and I didn’t mean to come out that way.’ He smiled.
‘Great, but what’s her story.’
‘Who?’ He asked.
‘Dani’s mom.’
‘She passed away even before child birth. It was a miracle Dani survived.’ He scratched his head and glanced at Dani who looked up the balcony and smiled to her dad.
‘I’m sorry about that.’

‘It’s been eight years and we both are over her death.’
‘Glad to hear that,’ she replied him.
‘So can we date?’
‘Wow, he’s a straight forward guy.’
‘Yeah, I know what I want when I see it.’
‘And you want me?’ Melisa during her few days around him started to feel comfortable as compared to when she first met him.
‘Is there someone else?’
Melisa glared at him and quickly took her eyes off him.
‘Oh silly me, it must be the guy, I spoke to when I called you the first time.’
‘Who? Henry? No.’ she said almost immediately.
‘Henry huh!’
‘It’s not what you think, I mean we are just friends.’
‘Friends?’ He repeated.
‘Yeah, one that’s got my back always.’
‘With benefits I guess.’
‘Well that’s not a crime anywhere.’
‘So what about me?’ He changed the topic.
‘I’m not sure I want another…..’
‘Daddy, my friends are ready for pictures.’ Dani rushed hugging him by the waist interrupting his moment.
‘Okay, let’s go.’ He flashed Melisa a smile.
‘Are you coming with us?’ Daniella asked her while dragging her dad along.
‘No, it’s your day Dani.’
‘Dad let’s go.’
‘Hold that thought.’ He told Melisa before leaving.
Melisa smiled coyly and walked away to the domestic helps in the house. She gave them some instructions, picked up her bag and left.

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