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Blind revenge (battle of the gods) - Season 1 - Episode 10
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I was sitting in my royal throne awaiting the
choosen one’s attack.

I had crossed my mind and decided to talk
sense into his head once he come.

I was still sitting down and suddenly, he

He was just like the portrait my father
showed me before he died but something
was wrong, he had no long hairs.
“welcome choosen one!” I said coldly to him.
“how dare you welcome me, murderer and
for your information, i am Darlington not
choosen one!” He shouted.
“choosen one, where are your hairs! I can
see your head is bald” I shouted back
He didn’t reply me as he took his sword and
dashed towards me.

“wait!!!!!” I shouted and he stopped
“why did you call me murderer? I am not a
murderer. I know you have being deceived
by somebody. See, boy your destiny on earth
is to save the people of Rome but your mind
had been corrupted by that wicked man” I

What my target was saying was now
dawning on me.

I was starting to see it as true and i think i
will believe him.


“have you ever wondered why you have that
shining star in your wrist? You were created
for a purpose and not as an assassin
somebody is turning you into” He said
I was convinced the more and decided to
ask him a question.

“ok, if you want me to believe you then tell
me the name of the man who you said is
deceiving me” I said.

“hahahaha, MALCOLM”

I was in my room when i started having a
bad feeling on the mission i sent him.
I switched to invisibility and and located

What i saw surprised me.
Robin was revealing many things to him.
“noooooooo!!!” I shouted in anger.
I immediately channeled my powers and as
the god of confusion, i confused him.
“hahhahahahaha, i am Malcolm! Who can
stop me??”


I was now fully convinced that what the
Emperor was saying was nothing but the

I wanted to ask him more questions to
confirm when something ran through my

All of a sudden, i developed hatred towards
the Emperor.
“you are a lair! My master can not deceive
me. You and your brothers killed my parents.
Why will you do such evil?” I barked at him.
“oh! Your master? Malcolm is actually your
father. He is deceiving you boy!” He said
holding the white round stone.
“arrrggh!!! You are confusing me lair” I
shouted in anger and dashed towards him
with my sword hold firmly in my hands.
Before i could get there, he said some
incantations, the white stone sparked
brightly and he disappeared.

I was trying to talk sense into his head. He
was trying to understand but something
happened and i knew Malcolm, my evil
senior brother, the god of confusion had
confused him… I had no option than to use
the magic stone and hide”

Robin landed in the cave and sat down.

The cave was a cave of protection created
by Xerxex(god of protection).
Anyone with the purpose to kill cannot
access the cave. Only those trying to escape

Robin was very happy when he landed on
the cave but his happiness was cut short
when he saw something that surprised him.
Right in his front, Darlington appeared.
“huhhh?? How come? How did the choosen
one manage to enter the cave when he has
the mind to kill” Robin asked himself. .
It was then he remembered that the
choosen one had power over all the gods of
Rome. His power overshadowed Xerxex
own. .

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