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Blind revenge (battle of the gods) - Season 1 - Episode 12
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Immediately the emperor gave up, there
were flashes of lightening and thunder in
the whole of Rome. The people were afraid
and surprised on the sudden change.

Even the weather has changed.
Some people identified it to be a bad omen.
“something bad had happened again!”
Some people said while some doubted
saying it was natural. .

Malcolm looked at the sky and saw the
change in the atmosphere.

He knew something had happened,
something he had been longing to see.
Something he had been wishing for many
years ago but now, it is done. .

After i killed the emperor, i noticed that the
atmosphere had changed and immediately,
rain started falling. I quickly disappeared
from there and appeared at the jungle.
I got there and saw my master standing and
staring at the sky.

I was trying to remember what the emperor
was telling me before i killed him but it was
as if my memory has been wiped off. It was
blank and i couldn’t remember a single

“it’s done master!” I shouted when i
couldn’t remember anything.
“i know boy, Welldone!” He said smiling.
I didn’t replied him as i went inside to catch
some rest.

I still tried to remember some things the late
emperor told me but all was to no avail as i
remembered none.
**Next Day**

I had just waken up in the morning when i
decided to connect to my brother in the
realm of invisibility to know his whereabout.

I tried and tried but i couldn’t secure a
connection. I became afraid at once.
“what had happened to him?” Was ringing
continuously in my mind.
I started pacing around the hotel room
hovering, not knowing what to do.
Suddenly, a bright light shone in the room
and my brother appeared. Robin appeared
right in my front.

“haha, brother you scared me. So, you
purposely hid yourself from the connection
powers between us so that i couldn’t reach
you” I asked him.
“brother, think not that way for i have been
killed by the choosen one. Take any available
flight and leave here at once whether you
can be safe, don’t waste time
brother!” He shouted and disappeared. .
“noooooooo!!!!!!!!!” I shouted in pains.
“My only brother left had been killed too.
Choosen one just come and end me, come
and kill me too. You gave my 3 brothers
death. Just come and give me mine. I need
it!” I shouted crying.

Robin was my only hope, my only brother
left, the reason why i prefer to live but now
he is gone. I fell on the bed and slept, i am
not going anywhere anymore. He should
just come and kill me here. .


I woke up that morning and a smile escaped
my lips when i remembered Robin was

“hahahaha, Darlington did a nice job” I
“but now, Nicholas is remaining”
The news of the emperor’s death had now
circulated the whole empire. People were
afraid and surprised on the mystery that
had been taking place in the royal family.
“i said it, the change of weather yesterday
not ordinary” A man said. .

The emperor’s wife was seen crying in the
palace when she heard the bad news.
Even the guards and the chieves council
were all seen sobbing.

The great Emperor of Rome had slept.
What pained the wife most was that she
didn’t give birth to a child for him before his
death. There was confusion among the
chieves on who is going to be the

They decided to gather the next
day to table the matter because its a taboo
to leave the throne of Rome empty for days. .


“ok master!” I said.
Master Malcolm had connected with the so
called hiding Nicholas and had given me
where he was hiding. He was lodging in an

I decided to strike that morning and not
later in the evening as usual. .

I appeared directly in the room he was
lodging in and saw him in tears. He was
sleeping in the hotel bed.

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