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Boomerang  - Season 1 - Episode 1
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My names are Yetunde Ewatomi Olaoseibikan, but my friends call me yetty,right from my secondary school days. I’ve added a touch of meanness or maybe wickedness to my life, and it was just to get whatsoever I desire. From the likes of plotting the downfall of friends and foes, to lying and trampling on others, to get to the top of the ladder. So far, it has been beneficial to me and my children.

“I grew up in a family where hardship was a familiar relative to our household, we always go through many lamentations before we could achieve what a church rat could. Infact, you can say we were always jealous of a church rat, because he feast on crumbs occasional which we couldn’t afford.”

” I grew up with hatred and jealousy for the one’s born with a silver spoon to their mouth. Though, i was a brilliant pupil when i was in school but the friends i had only tolerate me because i was brilliant”.

“Due to my poor background, i go about hawking the street of lagos after school each day so as to make ends meet and save little for my WAEC.”

“While waiting for my WAEC result, i came across a scholarship program on a newspaper. Instantly took keen interest in the program and obtain the form.”

“Due to changing of schools and some little delay, i was nineteen when i obtained this form, so i knew much about life and men.”

“The man in charge of the program was a flirt and he made me understand after numerous meetings that he will have to have his way with me before he can attach my name to the one’s who will be shortlisted. ”

“Because I needed the scholarship, I agreed and met him in one hotel he told us to rendezvous at.”

“After telling my parents some lies, i set out with another set of clothe,hidden in my smalll fancy bag. I find an uncompleted building three streets away from my house and change there.”

“On getting to the hotel, i saw this smiling receptionist and asked for Mr Adekunle,then I was later direected to the room he booked for us.”

“Knocking twice, a reply came from the other side of the door to wait awhile, i stood there arms akimbo in my short skimpy blue gown. This I choose because it extol my nineteen year old shape, the necessary shapes where they should be. b0s0m and all.”

“Mr Adekunle answered the door and step aside for me to come in, which I did without further ado. He then asked me to sit on the brown leather double sitter chair that was used to compliment the furniture work of the room.”

“I glance around the room and thought how moderately furnished the room was, the bed was a medium sized king bed, with a rose pink bedspread to laud the paintings on the wall.”

“He complimented my beauty and told me to order for anything while i relax and wait for him to go into the bathroom to freshen up. Pointing to the phone land line besides the carved vase, he strolled with ease into the bathroom whistling away.”

“I wouldn’t blame the yeye man, he has another [email protected] to tap. Maybe his wife hasn’t been giving him to his satisfaction at home. Well I came prepared.”
I muttered to my self after his exist to the bathroom.

“Immediately he stepped into the bathroom,i placed a call to the kitchen and ordered for fried rice, chicken and one bottle of ce-rock with plenty of ice. Well, he intends to have his share of me and i also intend to spend little of his money.”

“I set the appropriate things needed and wait for the cook to bring the food. Which he did before Mr Adekunle came out of the bathroom. He took a minute to go through my near nakedness and I could see lust written all over his face when he saw my bossom.”

I was only waiting for him in my matched red bra and [email protected], posing seductively for him. I could see the lump trying to bust out in his towel. “Well he sure will do” I thought smilling up to him.

“I suggested we eat first ahead of our fun and he readily agree. We sat down on the chair and draw the small oval shaped dining closer,lay out the food and start eating.”

“Amidst eating,i saw him throwing lustful glances at my body. Within the little time we wolf down the meal,i had to swat his hands away from my body countless times.”

“I served his glass cup to the brim with our drink and raised a toast to proposed fun we are about having. He was frustrated and gulp down his drink in one go,then he grap my b0s0m and start fondling them.”

“I m0aned with pleasure and my hands slowly tug at his hairy chest, tentatively playing with the curly hairs. We both were breathing heavily with passion and took off his towel to reveal a massive johnny.”

“Filled with lust,i slowly went down on my knees and proceed to swallow him into my mouth. He grunted with pleasure and used his right hand to bring my head closer to his d**k.”

“Taking only the cap to my mouth,i twirl it and took in deeper with determination to deepthroat him,but his girth made me gag.”

“After some minute of sU-Cking and deepthroating,he began oozing out pre-Pour. Then i went for my red flimsy [email protected], pulling it off seductively and exposing my almost bald [email protected] to his bulging socket of eyes.”

“He grabbed me with a little bit of force and pushed me onto the bed,pushing my knee up so he could have easy access to my [email protected] He slowly kissed my inner thigh and use his hand to trace from my feet,finding it’s way slowly to my innermost part.

He use his tongue to lick me upward and start tongue Bleeping me. Filled with lust i rolled him over onto the bed and before he could say jack i impaled him into me.

Slowly I grind my butt0ckz on his johnny so i could feel more of him. when I feel lubricated enough,I started bouncing with intensive force, meeting him amidst thrust.

After some mins he turned me and came over to my back opting for the doggy style. He went in first with care and stroke slowly until I beg him to go faster. My m0ans of pleasure gave him the inspiration to f**k us both to satisfaction.

After having three rounds of fun filled S£x, he suggested we meet some other time and of course with the promise of helping me to attain the scholarship.

I agreed and he gave me 3k as my transport fare before he then venture out out the room. Immediately he left i dragged my tired self into the room and gave my body a good shower.
In the middle of my shower, i heard my phone ringing for about four time and thanked God that it didn’t ring while we were having S£x. Because his attention might be drawn to where i put the phone.

After my shower i came out Unclad and take my phone, strolling to the media and checked for the video i recorded.

Just what i want, i thought with a smile splashed over my face.

The video clearly showed our face and it lasted for good a hour and half.’ I will soon take care of my own face in the picture”
i said to myself.

I sat down and called back doyin, gisting her about my afternoon with Mr Adekunle. She then told me to foward the video i promised her, I agreed and told her it will be later in the week.

With the hought of my plan on my mind, i strolled out of the hotel amidst knowing stares i was receiving from the receptionists and their amebo friend.

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